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What led me to DriverReach:

I am passionate about hiring DOT compliant drivers and analyzing processes to ultimately improve speed and cost per hire. After successfully restructuring a few recruiting departments, I realized I wanted to be a part of something bigger. Luckily, I connected with Jeremy Reymer and had the opportunity to tell him about my dream. His values, morals, and goals for DriverReach surpassed anything I had experienced in my career. I immediately longed to become a member of the DriverReach team! 

Where I'm from:

I’m a true Carolina girl! I was born and raised in South Carolina. Currently, the USAF has my family stationed in North Carolina. 

My favorite part of my job at DriverReach:

I really enjoy working with eager, like minded people that share the same goals. Celebrating wins while having fun makes work exciting. 

A few of my hobbies: 

I have two young children, so my hobbies are doing what my kids love! Playing with Legos, superheroes, Hot Wheels, or just being outside is what we do best. 

One thing most people don't know about me:

Working remotely since 2019 has prevented me from physically meeting a lot of work colleagues. For some reason, people who have never seen me in person think I’m a lot taller than what I am. I am actually only 5’0” tall. I like telling everyone that I am small but mighty!

What led me to the transportation industry:

I worked at Bed Bath & Beyond for a few years where I managed stockrooms, processed incoming freight, outgoing orders, and returns. I always enjoyed talking to the drivers that dropped my freight off everyday. The conversations I had with them really sparked my interest in logistics and eventually led me to working at Interstate Distributor in Tacoma, WA back in 2015. I was immediately hooked and knew this was the industry for me!

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