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MTA's trusted Endorsed Partner, DriverReach,is a modern driver recruiting, retention, and compliance management platform that helps streamline the hiring process and simplify the applicant (and recruiter) experience. Our primary focus is to help your company to Hire. Better. Faster.

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Your CDL Driver Recruiting and Retention Playbook – 5 Steps to Success

Modern CDL driver recruiters are in a unique position: while there is an incredible amount of competition in the industry, there are so many tools and solutions available to help manage complex recruiting processes. Although recruiting may seem overwhelming at times, with the right strategic planning and focus, recruiters can streamline the processes both internally and for drivers.

In our most popular ebook yet, we explore five easy ways to develop a successful CDL driver recruiting and retention strategy.

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The Solution

Hire. Better. Faster.

DriverReach enables you to provide a better applicant experience and dramatically improves your speed-to-hire. Our mobile-friendly DOT application feeds directly into your account with full CRM, email, and text functionality to help improve your communication and increase your applicant engagement.  Along with our e-document/e-signature solution and a  full suite of third-party compliance integrations; we can help you deliver a modern, streamlined process to qualify and hire drivers faster and more efficiently.

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Calhoun Truck Lines Relies On The DriverReach Platform As Its Single Source of Truth

Due to siloed recruiting operations, it became clear there wasn’t sufficient communication between teams and managing driver applicants. Calhoun Truck Lines selected DriverReach as a replacement for its existing recruiting management tool and now uses the platform as a complete repository for all handling and operations of current and prospective drivers. Today, Calhoun Truck Lines leverages DriverReach for cross-department communication and operations. The DriverReach platform serves as Calhoun’s single source of truth for all communication, including texts, phone calls, emails, follow-up notes, and more.

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If you want to improve your recruiting process while remaining compliant, you need DriverReach's modern Recruiting Management System.