DriverReach Enhances Integration With Luma’s eNugget® Learning Management System to Help Companies Onboard and Train Drivers

The DriverReach and Luma direct API feed integration allows the two systems to seamlessly document and track CDL driver training events.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - (April 28, 2020) - DriverReach recently announced enhancements to its integration with Luma, a learning and instructional design company, to allow companies to better document and track CDL driver training events directly within its modern recruiting and compliance management platform. 

Luma helps trucking companies with multiple products address their training needs – from entry-level drivers through ongoing safety and health wellness training, as well as employee training. The company also assists carriers with a state-of-the-art LMS that allows drivers to meet with trainers to complete orientation, or attend a safety meeting virtually using an embedded live video conferencing tool, LumaLive. 

Through a direct API feed integration, DriverReach and Luma communicate seamlessly to ensure all training and onboarding documents migrate smoothly between the two systems with little to no manual effort. There is no integration fee for the direct API feed integration, which is now available to mutual DriverReach and Luma customers. 

“Training drivers is one of the most effective ways to make sure a driver onboards properly,'' said Jeremy Reymer, Founder and CEO of DriverReach. “We’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Luma over the last couple of years and are thrilled to enhance our partnership with such an incredible company. Our joint customers can now easily document and track orientation and training events, ensuring their hard work of hiring drivers pays off by improving retention.”

“Using the technology to hire and train drivers remotely is how we are going to be able to get drivers in the future,” said Anthonly Meloy, Training and Recruiting Manager at Trailiner. In October 2019, refrigerated truckload carrier Trailiner began using DriverReach for recruiting and compliance management together with Luma’s eNugget® learning management system (LMS). Meloy commented, “By making the process seamless, drivers are able to come to work at Trailiner and quickly get back out there making money again.”

Read how transportation companies Trailiner and Kottke are benefitting from the DriverReach and Luma integration by reading the case study here.


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