DriverReach Introduces Product Updates to Help Carriers Comply with The Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

CDL applicant tracking system updates platform with new workflows to alleviate administrative burden and ensure compliance

Indianapolis, Indiana - December 3, 2019 - DriverReach, a mobile-enabled applicant tracking system for hiring CDL drivers, today announces its plan to incorporate functionality that will enable efficient compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse, a new regulation that goes into effect on January 6, 2020. 

The Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse will be a central database of  all positive drug and alcohol test results, including test refusals, for CDL drivers. The database is available to FMCSA, CMV employees, state driver licensing agencies and law enforcement officials so they are able to identify any driver who has violated federal drug and alcohol testing requirements. Motor carriers will need to query the database as part of the hiring process, in addition to querying each employed driver annually, adding multiple layers of compliance. The FMCSA estimates the new system will eliminate nearly 900 crashes each year. 

“The Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse will significantly improve highway safety and is a welcomed, much-needed, and long overdue regulation for the trucking industry,” said Jeremy Reymer, founder and CEO of DriverReach. “However, carriers will see a drastic change in compliance-related workflow, ultimately complicating the hiring process if unprepared for the increased administrative burden. At DriverReach, our goal is to help carriers hire better, faster. Improving our software functionality to fulfill Clearinghouse-related tasks will increase efficiency for the procedures the mandate demands.”

The following DriverReach features will expedite the process for both carriers and drivers:

  • Since all CDL drivers seeking employment will need to register with the Clearinghouse, a link to the registration page will be embedded on all DriverReach customers’ driver employment applications.
  • The electronic Driver Qualification (DQ) file component of the customer interface will include the ability to upload results from Clearinghouse queries. Once an integration with the FMCSA’s system is available, a direct link to run queries will also exist. 
  • DriverReach will include the accommodation of the Clearinghouse Annual Review process and indicate which drivers have or haven’t signed the necessary limited query consent form.
  • DriverReach will give customers the option to include a limited query consent form in the DOT application to ensure it’s on file should the applicant be hired. In order to collect a signed limited consent form for all existing hired drivers, DriverReach will provide a separate form that can be sent via email or text.
  • For larger employers who want to run queries in bulk, a Clearinghouse Bulk Export function will be formatted for upload to the Clearinghouse.

DriverReach strives to eliminate friction in the hiring process by incorporating new features and functionality, ensuring its customers are prepared and equipped to comply with Clearinghouse regulations. As the Clearinghouse continues to evolve, DriverReach will adapt and create innovative solutions for ongoing developments to further enhance its user experience. 

For more information on the Clearinghouse, visit DriverReach’s ebook, “BRACE YOURSELF: The Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Brings New Challenges to Recruiting Drivers,” and to request a demo visit

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