Say goodbye to the time-consuming and burdensome process of obtaining Verifications of Employment (VOEs) for your CDL driver applicants. 

With DriverReach's Employment Verification Service (EVS), you can hire drivers faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Our expert services team:  

  • Performs all mandated Verifications of Employment (VOEs) for your driver applicants
  • Ensures your compliance as it pertains to 49 CFR § 391.23 – Investigation and inquiries
  • Secures applicable documentation on each required previous employment verification directly in the driver applicant’s profile in DriverReach
We’ll verify for you with a low monthly subscription fee plus $45 per driver. Extra costs include any passthrough expenses of VOEs purchased through external parties (DriverIQ, DriverFacts, The Work Number, etc.) 

If obtaining VOEs for CDL drivers is a pain, it’s time to let DriverReach relieve you of that burden and give you back valuable time.