A seasoned driver is looking for a new job and comes across your company. Seeing open roles, they quickly fill out your easy application and hit “send.” What happens next is critical.

Wait too long to respond, and the driver may lose interest or feel disrespected. Worse, they may be contacted first by one of your competitors and completely lose focus on your company.

As a recruiter, you know that time is of the essence when engaging with a new lead. But with the 24/7 nature of the trucking industry, job applications can come in at any given moment and no one wants to be chained to their device to respond at the drop of a hat. That’s where autoresponders come in. 

By leveraging DriverReach’s AutoResponders, every driver can hear from you instantly, keeping them in your engagement funnel no matter what time of day that lead comes in. Even better? They’re simple to use and easy to set up. 

What’s an Autoresponder? 

Autoresponders are communications sent automatically to your target audience based on specific triggers. These communications deliver information to your target audience with the hope that they complete your call to action (CTA). Your CTA can be anything from filling out a job application, scheduling a time to chat, or visiting a company web page—the sky’s the limit!

What is an autoresponder  (1)The trigger comes in; communications go out. All without lifting a finger! 

Types of Autoresponders 

Autoresponders are sent based on triggers you define, which you can customize to your internal recruiting processes.
  • Engage a new lead
    Open a line of communication before your competitors.  Set a trigger to automatically follow up on a new lead with a text message or email inviting them to complete an application or schedule time to chat directly with a recruiter. 
  • Keep candidate informed
    No one likes being left in the dark. Keep your applicants up-to-date on their status automatically throughout the hiring process by making stage changes a trigger.
  • Encourage a response
    Reach out to drivers after a set number of missed connections. Once an applicant reaches an “attempting” stage, a message is triggered to remind the applicant to connect when they’re available.
  • Empower new hires
    Send information automatically to a driver after they’ve entered into your “orientation” or “new hire” stage. Easily supply them with information to help prepare them for their first day.

Why are AutoResponders Important?

If you set autoresponders up correctly, your target audience receives the right messages at the right time — without you having to worry about sending these out manually. They can take a lot of work you would have to do manually off your hands.


AutoResponders are included as part of DriverReach Premium.  


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