2023 Driver Recruiting Resolutions That Will Actually Stick

Let’s get this out here early – the last few years have been highly unprecedented and wild years that everyone (yes, everyone), will be happy to move on from. For CDL driver recruiters, the ups and downs of the past few months uncovered the true resiliency and determination of the industry, which may, in time, come to be seen as a high point in trucking.

That being said, instead of focusing on the negatives from the past year driver recruiters should look at all the positives. A few highlights from 2022 include:

  • The recognition of the industry and drivers as critical services. The past few years have sharpened our understanding of ‘essential workers’, and truck drivers have stepped up to the plate and finally received the recognition they have long deserved.
  • The resiliency of the industry in the face of financial uncertainty. When faced with a global economic recession, the industry was able to pivot and address new and growing demands head-on.
  • An increased focus on digital tools. Forced to reckon with remote work, the industry quickly caught up with the digital revolution and embraced many tools available to help recruiters, drivers, and corporate decision makers.

As you’re making your 2023 driver recruiting resolutions, don’t try to react to the low points in 2022. Resolutions are a way to continue to move upward and forward. 

Here are five driver recruiting resolutions your team should take into account this year:

1. Engage drivers in new, digital ways. 

The transition to remote work and engagement was hard for some industries, but since truck drivers are on the road a majority of the time anyway the trucking industry actually had it a bit easier. In 2023, recruiters should look to engage drivers in new ways while on the road through video calls, social media, and text message check-ins. 

2. Make creative decisions when attracting new drivers. 

One of the great things to come out of the last few years is the slew of ‘new and creative ways’ to do things. CDL driver recruiters are not alone in struggling to connect with new applicants and learning a few tricks from recruiters in other industries won’t hurt.

3. Automate wherever possible. 

Your team of recruiters is poised to be busier than ever in 2023 dealing with the increased competition and changing industry demands. Automating internal processes and replacing them with streamlined automation can help your team keep up with demand in 2023 and beyond.

4. Put data-backed decision making first. 

In 2023, make data your first priority. As you’ve (hopefully) spent the last few years boosting your internal processes to make them more driver friendly, now is the time to start measuring and collecting data wherever possible to ensure you’ve made the right decisions and tweak where necessary.

5. Double-down on the driver experience (if you haven’t already). 

And, finally, 2023 is the ‘now or never’ year to revamp your driver recruiting process to put drivers first. If you are still dragging your feet when it comes to optimizing your applications for mobile, stepping up your onboarding game, and rethinking how your recruiters manage drivers, this year is your last chance. Otherwise, you might be too far behind to catch up with the rest of the pack.

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