3 Critical Questions to Include in Your Driver Recruiting and Retention Management Platform RFP (Request for Proposal)

If you’re one of the few CDL driver recruiters who has not implemented an applicant tracking, recruiting and retention management platform yet, the time for adoption is now. 

With so much competition in the industry for qualified drivers, the ongoing driver shortage, and more federal regulations making the recruiting process even more convoluted, a driver-specific management platform is critical to be successful in the long-term.

Why do many companies decide to use the RFP process?

Whether your team is looking to invest in an application management, recruiting and retention solution for the first time or if you’re looking to take your current solution and process to the next level, having an RFP process is a great way to learn about the solutions out there and make the right decision for your team. RFPs (Requests for Proposals) allow your team to ask potential vendors questions about platform functionality, costs, onboarding, and other functional points.

3 important questions to include in your next RFP

While your team is evaluating driver recruiting-specific platforms, it’s a good idea to ask some industry-specific questions of potential vendors to make sure they understand the industry and that they can help your team meet its recruiting goals. Here are three important questions to include in your next RFP:

  • How can this platform help us make more strategic recruiting decisions? 

While a driver recruiting and retention management platform helps your team manage daily recruiting activities and processes, it can also help your team track success and build a data-backed recruiting strategy. Asking potential vendors about the different types of metrics you can track, the type of data you can collect, and the types of dashboards available will give decision makers a good idea of how the platform can help set your team up for long-term success.

  • How can the platform help us recruit and retain more qualified drivers?

Qualified drivers are scarce, and any CDL driver recruiter worth his or her salt is constantly looking for new ways to attract these kinds of drivers. If your human resources are working this hard, then your technical tools should definitely strive to make their jobs easier. During the RFP process, ask questions about engaging applicants and current drivers, streamlining and automating tedious onboarding processes, and different ways to communicate with drivers in an increasingly virtual world. 

  • Does this platform deliver a driver (and recruiter) focused user interface?

And, finally, it’s a good idea to ask about the UI of the platform itself. So many times, platforms can be built as generic project management tools or CRM platforms. But CDL driver recruiters need a solution that is built for the drivers and recruiters that will actually be using the product on a daily basis. From the application itself to different email and text templates to how easy it is for recruiters to access driver information, make sure you have a chance to go into the solution itself and see how things look for both drivers and recruiters.

Ready to learn more?

Going through the process of finding a new solution for your CDL driver recruiting team may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be with the right RFP process. You can see different questions to ask your potential driver application management, recruiting and retention solution providers here or talk to a DriverReach specialist now.

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