How Nussbaum Transportation Masters Modern Recruitment with DriverReach

Meet Nussbaum Transportation, a trailblazer in the trucking industry since 1945. What started with a single truck has grown into a robust fleet of 540, navigating the entire United States with an innovative spirit and a commitment to excellence. Under the leadership of Brent Nussbaum, the company has embraced smart solutions and personalized service, maintaining a focus on growth and efficiency.

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The Nussbaum Legacy

As Nussbaum expanded, they faced limitations with their outdated applicant tracking system, which struggled to keep up with the fast-moving world of driver recruitment. Recognizing the need for a modern solution that could scale with their ambitions, they chose DriverReach. This partnership brought a revolutionary change to their recruitment strategy. DriverReach's user-friendly interface and advanced communication tools like bulk texting and autoresponders transformed Nussbaum’s recruitment process, enabling them to reach and engage candidates more effectively and quickly.

Overcoming Recruitment Roadblocks

The collaboration with DriverReach proved transformative, but it also had some unexpected benefits. Nussbaum's recruitment team became more efficient, managing leads more effectively and reducing the time to hire. This increase in efficiency not only helped grow their fleet with qualified drivers but also led to substantial cost savings.

With such a robust and efficient system in place to attract, recruit, and onboard the right qualified drivers, Nussbaum was able to scale back their advertising spend. In just six months, they were able to stop advertising altogether and still retained a stable number of drivers. Nussbaum's monumental success is a testament to how traditional businesses can leverage modern technology to overcome industry challenges and enhance operations for greater efficiency. 

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Nussbaum's New Recruitment Drive

Nussbaum’s journey with DriverReach showcases its status as a forward-thinking, resourceful company that is not just keeping up but setting the pace in the transportation industry. Are you looking to modernize your recruitment processes or curious about how DriverReach can help your business achieve similar results? Contact us for a live demo and see firsthand the benefits of our innovative solutions.

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