Press Release | DriverReach Accelerates Growth Across Customers, Employees, Revenue

As unbelievable as it is to realize, we’re more than halfway through 2021. While this year has seemed short on many fronts, it has been an exciting one here at DriverReach. Today is no exception, as we announced significant growth throughout the first half of the year as it pertains to customers, employees and revenue.

In a press release, DriverReach announced that between January and June 2021, DriverReach experienced 41% growth in its customer base leading to a rise in monthly revenue of 81%, and year over year growth in excess of 100%. This drastic growth also meant that DriverReach expanded its full-time team of employees by 31% and brought on additional full-time contract hires as well.

After a year that highlighted the dire need for technology and data-driven decision-making tools in the trucking industry, it is invigorating to see carriers and transportation organizations take this new era of the industry by storm and invest seriously in modern recruiting, retention, and compliance management solutions like the ones DriverReach provides.

In addition to its industry-leading applicant management and communication solutions, DriverReach added a slew of new features to its already robust platform, including:

  • An enhanced E-Doc sharing solution that makes it easy for applicants to sign and return hiring and onboarding documents.
  • A secure system called MagicLinks that allows drivers to view his or her DOT application and submit for employment across multiple carriers without having to log in and out multiple times.
  • An advanced API connection with the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse as well as other screening services.
  • An increased focus on security and privacy when it comes to applicant profiles and questionnaires.

In the press release, DriverReach COO and CTO Sam Bloomquist expressed his excitement about the company’s growth and set his sights towards the future:

“The demand for powerful and intuitive recruiting and retention technology for the transportation industry has never been greater, due in large part to the ongoing driver shortage. We remain laser-focused on our commitment to deliver the best solutions to the industry.”

You can read the entire press release here.


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