Are These 6 Factors Impacting Your Speed-to-Hire?

If there is one thing CDL driver recruiters never have enough of, it’s time. There never seem to be enough hours in the day, or days in the week, to get things done. This is especially true for getting new drivers on the road. With every day that passes between a new application and attending orientation, there are so many things that can throw your new hire off course and into the hands of a waiting competitor.

Over the last few years, speed-to-hire has become one of the most critical KPIs for any leading driver recruiting team. If your applications and processes are all optimized to the best of your ability, speed-to-hire is the last thing standing in the way of actually closing the deal. If you’re looking for creative ways to streamline your recruiting process to improve your speed-to-hire, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some key factors that could be standing in the way of your speed-to-hire and negatively impacting your driver recruiting process:

  1. A confusing application submission and/or next steps process.
    Sometimes it does just come down to the fact that things are too confusing to make it worth the applicant’s time. Make sure your application, and all follow up, be mobile-first and driver-centric to provide the best experience possible.
  2. Lack of data during recruiter follow-up.
    If a recruiter calls to schedule a follow-up conversation without any relevant data in front of them – such as employment history or even demographic/geographic information from the driver’s application – much of the time will be spent asking the driver these questions they’ve already answered. This is sure to turn your drivers away quickly.
  3. Manual scheduling during interviews.
    Playing tag with drivers, going back and forth trying to schedule an in-person or phone interview, and waiting around for confirmation can be incredibly time-consuming. Automate this part of the process with scheduling software that drivers can confirm via text.
  4. Too many touchpoints between application and hire.
    While your team wants to make sure you have the most qualified drivers on the road, there is such a thing as too intense of a process. Cut down your interview numbers by focusing on the critical questions and cutting out anything extra - streamline all you can without sacrificing safety.
  5. Required validations take too long.
    The modern driver recruiting process also includes Verification of Employment. Unfortunately, this can sometimes take days, if not weeks, to complete. You can get your drivers hired faster by implementing automated processes.
  6. Lack of Application Tracking System.
    Driver Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) keep all of your driver application information, next steps, and verifications organized and streamlined for your recruiters and safety teams. Without an ATS managing this information on the back end, your processes can be disorganized, incomplete and inefficient. Implement an ATS to improve efficiency, make it easier for recruiters to contact and engage drivers, and get drivers on the road faster than ever.


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