6 Questions to Ask When Using a VOE Database

By now, you’ve read how much time and money is spent on one of the most necessary—but burdensome—aspects of recruiting CDL drivers: The employment verification process. 

Savvy recruiting teams know how to use technology to their advantage in all manners of the hiring process, including this one! Employment verification databases are the way of the future, and the market is definitely taking notice.

If you’re looking to streamline your previous employment verification process, consider including the use of additional databases that contain the information you’re seeking, or if you are new to this whole idea…well, we don’t envy you. There are many things to consider when choosing which databases to rely on for this information, and they are not all built equally.

Before you pay for a database or integrated service, here are 6 questions to ask to make sure your money goes towards something that will make your life easier, increase your speed-to-hire, and save you time! 

1. Is this database legitimate and active? 

First up, check that the database follows all DOT regulations. It’s important to remember that the FMCSA doesn’t endorse or certify any specific previous employment database, so it will take some due diligence on the motor carrier’s part to verify the database does, indeed, provide all the necessary information on drivers to comply with regulations. You’ll also want to make sure the database is getting regular input and can keep up with your hiring needs!

To round out your decisions, research reviews and customer testimonials from other motor carriers or trucking industry organizations that have used the database or have worked with the company to see if it has a good reputation. 


2. Is my information secure with this database?

With any previous employment verification database, there’s give and take. In this case, motor carriers give information to the database to be released to other employers. Employers, in turn, access that information whenever they perform a previous employment verification on a driver. As with anything digital, it’s prudent to ensure that data is protected through a solid data privacy and security program to protect drivers’ personal information.  


3. Is it affordable? 

When looking at overall costs, it makes sense to spend a little extra to get something done quickly (see the next point!) But how much you spend can vary from database to database. It’s common for motor carriers to pay transactionally for single records, which means costs can vary monthly, depending on how many drivers are being hired.  The transactional costs for accessing the required information from trucking-specific previous employment databases are relatively even, while some non-trucking industry databases can be egregious (and not even include all the necessary information). 

More and more carriers now opt for unlimited access to previous employment records through a monthly subscription offering, like VOE+. Depending on the number of records needed on a regular basis, this can be a much more affordable option.

But the price on the budget line is just one aspect of “cost.” When you factor in considerations like time savings,  user-friendliness of the platform, and speed-to-hire to reduce the number of drivers you lose from a slow process, you get a better idea of how far your dollars go.

4. Is this going to make my day-to-day life more manageable? 

Time is money; money is time—you already know that. That’s why it’s important to get the information you need when you need it, without friction. Unfortunately, some providers require users to log in and physically engage with each individual requestor, which means that all the benefits of using that database for time-saving efforts are nullified (you’ll still need some sort of human interaction, which can slow things down.) So factor this manual task into your process, and ask yourself if it fits your office operations. 

Some databases, like VOE+, operate like an instant library, where a requestor is granted access to a pre-approved employment verification, so there’s no waiting for a human on the other end to click a button. 

5. Is it easy to use? 

The value of a user-friendly interface cannot be overstated. Just like the above point, you’ll want to factor in the time it takes to learn, use, and adapt to new technology because frustration leads to slower processes and drops in productivity. When in doubt, ask for a demo— see for yourself if the database is easy to navigate and can quickly give you what you need. 

DriverReach specifically built the VOE+ interface with usability in mind, recognizing that usability is more than pure functionality. VOE+ is a transactional or subscription-based tool for completing employment verifications through our web-based platform. And for those already on the DriverReach platform, VOE+ integrates seamlessly into the driver management dashboard. As a result, everybody experiences the same intuitive functionality to make hiring easier! 


6. What if I need help? 

Even the most intuitive platforms can fall short of expectations, which is why it’s important to check out the database’s history of customer support. In addition to problem-solving and troubleshooting, you’ll want to make sure you have access to training —through email, chat, or phone— or educational materials that will help you take advantage of the database. In addition, you’ll most likely find reviews on how well various companies handle customer support and satisfaction and provide users with the information they need when they need it. 

A database that works for you 

Even though previous employment verifications are just one part of a long list of “to-do’s” when hiring drivers, it’s important. But think of it this way—it’s an excellent opportunity to optimize your processes. Furthermore, once you’ve switched to accessing that information from a database, it allows you to focus the time and expertise of your team more productively. 

With VOE+, you'll save hundreds of hours, avoiding long wait times for verification returns, inconvenient follow-up requests, and backlogs of work. It's a simple and modern solution designed to immediately increase your speed-to-hire and alleviate the burden of ensuring compliant employment checks. See what VOE+ can do for you

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