3 DriverReach Features You Probably Aren't Using (But Should Be!)

There are hundreds of daily tasks that CDL driver recruiters face every single day to manage and maintain a steady flow of new driver applicants. With DriverReach, CDL driver recruiters have access to the only modern recruiting and compliance management solution built specifically for the transportation and logistics industry.

It has been our goal from the beginning to build the ultimate CDL driver recruitment and retention solution, which means we’re constantly updating and adding new features to help address specific issues that CDL driver recruiters experience every single day. From online application templates to mobile optimization checks to communication channels that make it easy to stay in touch with drivers on the road, the DriverReach platform has features and solutions for all of your CDL driver recruiting needs.

Here are three features which you may not currently be using but definitely should be:

  • Verification of Employment 

One of the most tedious and cumbersome aspects of the driver recruitment process is verifying previous employment and responding to incoming VOE requests. With VOE Plus, our in-house verification of employment solution, recruiters can easily redirect incoming VOE requests and spend minutes – not weeks – verifying driver employment records. Our cost-sharing model means that every time a prospective employer purchases one of your driver records, you get paid for it – a win/win all around!

  • Automated Nurture Campaigns

As recruiters, you know the easiest way to stay top-of-mind with drivers is through continued communication. That’s why we built Cadence – an easy, seamless, and automated way to send drip marketing campaigns to drivers with just a few clicks. With Cadence, recruiters can quickly select criteria to automatically add drivers to campaigns and lists, build campaigns with pre-populated templates, and then view detailed insights to see which drivers are engaging and converting.

  • Electronic Document Management

One of the newest features in DriverReach, the Electronic Document Management (E-Docs) feature is designed to drastically improve new driver onboarding and recruitment efficiency. CDL driver recruiters can easily create new electronic documents (or upload existing documents) directly into the DriverReach platform, automatically populate these documents with variable fields and data points, and then share these documents via email or text. 

Want to learn more?

The above features (as well as many others) are available now to DriverReach users. Whether you’re interested in getting started with DriverReach or if you want to learn more about how a particular feature might fit into your existing recruiting workflows, schedule a personalized consultation with the DriverReach team today! Our team of experts can help you access these features or turn on any new functionality. You can learn more here.

Stay up to date on CDL trucking trends! Be sure to check out the DriverReach blog for other relevant articles and head over to our webinars page for an up-to-date list of upcoming events and on-demand recordings.

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