3 Questions You Need to Ask to Determine How Effective Your CDL Driver Lead Response Time Is

When it comes to CDL driver recruiting, timing is everything. And no, this is not an exaggeration. There are quite literally tens of thousands of driver positions waiting to be filled every single day, with only a relative handful of drivers qualified to fill these positions. When a potential candidate comes through the doors, CDL driver recruiters must be ready to do whatever it takes to move this person through the application process quickly to avoid them being scooped up by a competitor.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest reasons driver candidates fall out of contact and ‘go dark’ during the recruiting process is the lack of efficiency on the recruiting side. Potential drivers find a job posting, submit an application, and then wait days or weeks to hear back from a recruiter. These drivers (aka ‘leads’) are critical in filling open positions, and they shouldn’t be left waiting to hear back from a recruiter. Cutting down this time-to-contact can make or break the success rate of a CDL driver recruiting team.

If you’re wondering what your driver lead response time currently is, and if you can’t say for certain that your team is operating at top efficiency, it’s probably lacking in certain areas. 

Here are a few key questions to ask when you’re evaluating your recruiting process’ time-to-contact:

Question 1: Do you have to go hunting for information about drivers before you call them?

One of the most popular reasons why it takes so long for recruiters to follow-up with candidates is that they have to hunt down application information, as well as any notes from previous conversations or communications, before they can reach out for a meeting. 

Manually gathering all of this information can seriously draw out lead response times. Instead of sticking with these manual processes, CDL driver recruiters can start using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to record notes and keep track of all critical information. 

Question 2: Have drivers forgotten that they’ve submitted an application when you finally follow up?

Let’s just say this – if a driver needs you to explain why you’re calling or asks what position you’re following up on, this is a bad sign. Because there is so much competition in the industry, drivers have their pick of the litter when it comes to CDL driving positions. 

In order to stay top-of-mind with drivers and ensure they remember your company in a positive light, recruiters need to strive for a quick time-to-contact. And what is a good lead response time? Anywhere from 5-10 minutes (yes, we’re serious)! 

Question 3: Are drivers surprised when you do follow up in a timely manner?

It’s a sign of the times – and of the way the CDL driving industry has gone in the last few years – that drivers expect that recruiters are extremely timely and efficient in their follow-up communication. For example, if a driver submits a multi-carrier lead form, they’ll get contacted 20 times within an hour. But if your recruiting process doesn’t include a plan to reach out immediately and differentiate your carrier, you’ll miss out. 

Show your drivers that you care about their time and their needs by following up fast and keeping all your messaging to the point, ensuring your script is educational AND helpful to the driver. You can share extra resources and helpful content to help make their decision easier, but don’t waste too much of their time on lengthy phone calls. 

Pro Tip: Need a helpful resource? Check out our book in partnership with sales expert Phil M Jones, “Exactly What to Say: CDL Driver Recruiting Edition”. 

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