3 Signs Your Driver Application Process Needs an Overhaul

We’ve all been there – stuck in a rut. For CDL driver recruiters, being stuck in a rut means processes just aren’t working as well anymore. In such a competitive environment, it’s easy to know the outcomes of bad processes: drivers are going to work for other companies. What’s not so easy, however, is knowing why.

Where – and when – are your processes failing to the point that drivers are looking elsewhere for their next opportunity?

If you’re wondering if your driver application process needs a facelift, the best place to look is towards your drivers themselves. The way applicants respond (or don’t respond) with every element of your application process is telling you whether or not something is working. Need a bit more clarity? Here are three can’t-miss signs that your application process needs an overhaul:

  1. Your application rate is trending downward

First, check your application rate. Are fewer drivers filling out applications? Do you know how many clicks your ‘Apply’ buttons are even getting? If you’re seeing a downward trend in the percentage of applications received, it’s probably because the very beginning of your application process just isn’t cutting it. There are a few easy action items to keep in mind that are quick-fixes to this problem:

  • Make sure your ‘Apply Now’ button is big and easy to find on your website. Drivers won’t apply if they can’t figure out how!
  • Create some compelling ‘About Us’ content for your website that is honest and transparent about your company culture. Consider including videos from actual drivers and other employees.
  • Anticipate any questions your applicants may have and proactively answer them on your website. Make it clear, easy-to-read, and mobile-optimized.
  • Trim down your actual application. If a driver starts filling out an application and realizes the questions are just way too long and convoluted, they’ll abandon the application.

With these quick changes, applicants will start to actually find and fill out more applications, which puts them one step closer to being on the road.

  1. Applicants are going dark and you don’t know why

During the middle of the application process, prospects can sometimes go dark and drop off the grid for no apparent reason. Let’s be honest – of course there is a reason, and that reason is likely your qualification process. To truly be successful, modern CDL driver recruiters have to realize that there is only one opinion that matters during the application process: the driver’s (in fact, we wrote an entire ebook on the topic).

This means that once that application is received, every single step in the process must be thought out and planned from the driver’s point of view. This includes follow-up phone calls, voicemails (or lack thereof), honest conversations with recruiters, and quick turnaround times.

Speaking of fast turnaround, nothing turns CDL applicants off faster than slow follow up. If your recruiting team really wants to keep drivers from going dark, invest in the right solutions to help get their applications approved, verify their employment history, and get them on the road faster.

At the end of the day, this entire process is impacting the very livelihood of your drivers, and the harder you work to get them on the road, the more loyal they’ll be to your organization down the line.             

  1. You’re sending out job offers, but drivers aren’t accepting

This is a tricky one. If drivers are making it all the way through the application process but they’re not converting into full-time drivers, then one of two things probably happened along the way: something happened to make them lose interest or trust in your company, or they found a better offer along the way. These are two pretty common issues that simply require better processes to overcome. If drivers are getting snatched up by competitors before they can accept your offer, then speed up your processes!

Leverage a full-service ATS and CRM so you can operate more efficiently and hire drivers before you lose them.

If drivers are losing interest or trust in your organization as a whole, it means that either your application process needs serious help (see the previous two sections), or it means that they’ve heard some negative talk about your organization. If it’s the former, go back and review the application process from the eye of the driver to create a better, optimized application experience.

If it’s the later, it means that drivers are asking questions and they’re not liking the answers. The CDL community is pretty tight-knit, and make no mistake that drivers will ask about your organization on Glassdoor, Indeed Reviews, or other message boards. Ensure driver loyalty by creating a network of ambassadors to help spread the good word about your team.

If your team wants to overhaul your application process for better outcomes, look no further. DriverReach is the modern recruiting solution for recruiters who want to hire better drivers faster. Learn more today!


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