3 Steps to Better Driver Verification of Employment

If someone were to ask a CDL driver recruiter what the most tedious part of the hiring process is, that recruiter is likely to answer with, “previous employment verifications, hands down!”. The employment verification process is notoriously manual and repetitive, with the constant back-and-forth of employment requests and responses requiring previous employers to fill out the same forms – for the same drivers – over and over (and over).

In the long run, this drawn out employment verification process does more than just waste time. It can deliver a poor driver applicant experience, lengthen the hiring process, resulting in driver applicants seeking employment elsewhere. Setting up the right driver verification process, using VOE Plus can help both your team and your drivers have a better experience.

Here are three easily achievable steps to better driver verification of employment:

1) Enter your previous employment records: VOE Plus is a proprietary database of CDL driver employment records. It’s simple and free to add your previous employment records on an ongoing basis.

2) Redirect previous employment inquiries: CDL driver recruiting is already rife with plenty of back-and-forth communication between drivers and recruiters during the application, interviewing, and hiring process. Eliminate the most cumbersome step in the process by redirecting those inquiries to VOE Plus and remove the administrative burden from your shoulders.

3) Get paid: That’s right! VOE Plus does more for recruiters than just streamline the recruiting process. With VOE Plus, your team can generate cash without adding to your plate. When a driver employment record that you’ve added to the database is purchased, you will reap the profits.

Intrigued? DriverReach delivers more than just industry leading CDL driver recruiting and compliance management solutions. We understand that there is more to CDL driver recruiting than just managing the recruitment process, which is why we’ve built a repository of services and tools to help recruiting teams focus on the people involved in recruiting as well as the resources.

With targeted coaching, guidance, and strategic recommendations from DriverReach, your team can overcome roadblocks like employment verification to make CDL driver recruiting a breeze.

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