3 Steps to EASY CDL Driver Verification (VOE+!)

When CDL recruiters think about driver employment verification, it’s typically accompanied by a grimace or shudders. Verification of Employment (VOE) is required for every CDL driver hire and, depending on how you are collecting that information, can take weeks to coordinate with previous employers. Plus, this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the process of responding to verification requests.

With VOE+, breaking the CDL driver verification process down into three easy steps is possible. VOE+ is a single, secure database of driver employment records your team can use to access and manage employment verification in minutes, not weeks.

Here are three steps for easy CDL driver verification in VOE+:

  1. Enter an employment record: recruiters can populate the VOE+ database in real-time by entering a driver’s employment record (previous or current) directly into the database.

  2. Redirect requests: instead of dropping everything to respond to inbound VOE requests, recruiters and other stakeholders can easily use available email and fax templates to redirect requests directly to VOE+.
  3. Get paid! You can get paid when other companies purchase driver employment records that your team has added to the database! You can cash out your balance or use this income to purchase additional records in the database – a win/win!


Make CDL driver verification easier with VOE+

VOE+ is a comprehensive, secure CDL driver employment records database, leveraging thousands of partner records to create a one-stop for all of your employment verification needs. As a VOE+ user, you can add new records to the database, securely pull records if available, and get paid for records you’ve added that are requested by other carriers.

What are you waiting for? Learn more about VOE+ here.


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