4 Tips to Respond to CDL Driver Applicants FASTER

Over the past few years, CDL driver recruiters have realized the importance of a fast, focused driver recruiting process. With an unprecedented level of competition in the industry, engaging with drivers and delivering them the content and answers they're looking for can help encourage them to make quick decisions and, ultimately, fill open spots on your driver roster.

While multiple places in the driver recruiting process can lead to roadblocks for recruiters, there is one step that should never pose a problem – responding to driver applicants. This step is purely in a recruiter's control and is critical to keeping a driver applicant active and moving forward in the recruiting process.


4 tips to speed up your driver response time

If your team is looking for new ways to respond to driver applicants faster or ways to speed up your driver response time, look no further. Here are some tips to make it happen:


  1. Prepare your recruiters to make quick decisions:
    Sometimes, following up with a driver applicant takes time because recruiters don't know if the driver is a good fit for the position. Qualifying leads can take time; by then, it is too late to engage the driver. With a detailed, readily available lead scoring system, your recruiters can make quick, educated decisions on driver applicants to respond to them as fast as possible.

  2. Automate follow-ups where possible:
    Recruiters no longer have to respond to every driver applicant manually. Instead, modern recruiting teams are leveraging automation in the form of auto responders, drip campaigns, and other nurture content to keep drivers engaged. A timely automated response can give your recruiters more time to regroup and develop a custom response tailored to a specific driver applicant.

  3. Diversify channels to meet your driver needs:
    Modern drivers have moved beyond just email and phone calls with recruiters. Leveraging different channels (like SMS, video calls, and more), your team can quickly contact drivers and keep them engaged throughout the recruiting process.

  4. Leverage a third-party industry leader:
    Regardless of how robust your recruiting processes are, sometimes a little extra help is needed. This is where a third-party partner, such as DriverReach Engage, can help you get ahead. With DriverReach Engage, a dedicated recruiter can help move your driver applicants through your recruiting journey, acting as a seamless extension of your current recruiting team. With extra hands on deck, your team can respond to driver applicants faster and develop more streamlined processes.


Learn more about DriverReach Engage

DriverReach Engage recruiters are fully trained in the complexities and nuances of the CDL driver recruiting industry, making them the perfect addition to any customer of DriverReach looking to level up their recruiting department. From tracking new driver applicants and following up with drivers to moving applicants through the recruiting process and qualifying the driver against internal and external criteria, Driverreach Engage recruiters act as a full-service extension of your recruiting team.

You can learn more about DriverReach Engage and get started here.


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