4 Ways to Practice Transparency With Your CDL Drivers

In 2021, many industries and companies are preaching 'transparency' as a foundational corporate value. The uncertainty of the past year has given employees the need to know what's going on with the organization they work for, their position in the company, and more.

Many carriers and trucking organizations may think that transparency is already alive and well within organizations. While this may be true with your in-office team, practicing transparency with drivers isn't always an inherent focus. After all, drivers are often on the road and, as such, are not as involved in the company's day-to-day internal operations. If there is one thing carriers learned over the past year, however, it is just how integral drivers are to the success of their organizations.

Whether you're looking for new ways to practice transparency with drivers or want to learn new ways to bring drivers into the corporate fold, here are a few tips and tricks:

  1. Keep them in the loop on corporate matters. Often, there can be changes or updates at a carrier that just don't get shared with drivers on the road because it doesn't impact them. It's imperative to realize that every internal change impacts the drivers on the road, so keeping drivers in the loop on these corporate matters is critical.
  2. Set up a monthly company meeting. Once a month, it's a good idea to have a company-wide communication to discuss pressing issues and concerns. This is where you can share corporate goals and financials, ask drivers or other departments to provide updates and share your progress towards goals for the year. Just make sure you share the call-in information in advance so drivers on the road can attend.
  3. Schedule one-on-one check-ins with drivers. Sometimes keeping your drivers in the loop means meeting with them face-to-face. While this is an excellent way for drivers to provide feedback and ask questions, it should also be an opportunity to share corporate updates and be transparent about any changes or updates.
  4. Open a forum or site for engagement. Drivers can be social creatures and often have great ideas that can make an impact on your organization. Open an online forum, site, or feedback page where drivers can share information with other drivers and leadership. This can also serve as a line of transparency between drivers and corporate.

How is your team practicing transparency with drivers?

Staying transparent with drivers and keeping them in the loop on corporate matters doesn't have to be complicated, even when they're on the road. If you're looking for new ways to practice transparency with drivers, the team at DriverReach can help. You can learn more here.

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