5 Copywriting Tips to Implement in Your Next CDL Driver Job Description

Let’s get this out of the way early: all CDL truck driving job descriptions are not created equal. In such a competitive recruiting environment, carriers must take proactive steps to ensure their job descriptions stand out from the crowd. After all, drivers are looking for the right positions that speak directly to their needs and wants. So, instead of waiting around for driver applicants to barely trickle in, take your job descriptions to the next level with the following copywriting tips: 

1. Be specific about what you’re looking for
CDL truck driver positions are usually self-explanatory, but your job description should spell this out anyway. Is there a specific type of freight they’ll be hauling? Are there any barriers to entry that could deter drivers away from applying? Be as specific as possible about what you’re actually looking for in a driver candidate so there aren’t any lingering questions, either from your candidates or from your internal recruiting team. 

2. Be transparent and provide sufficient details
Your job description is typically the first place drivers will go for more information about you, with your website being second. Don’t be afraid to be as transparent as possible. Spell out expected time away from home, expected compensation, as well as any other pieces of relevant information that an informed applicant would want. Although it may seem strange at first to ‘over share’ with candidates, they’ll appreciate your honesty and realize that there won’t be any instances as an employee in which critical details are kept from drivers.

3. Highlight your company’s benefits
When you’re writing your next job description, don’t just focus on the actual driving component. Make sure you’re highlighting what makes you different from competitors. While most CDL truck driver positions have the same day-to-day responsibilities, it’s the benefits and company culture that really sets each job apart. Make sure you have an entire section on your job page that highlights the benefits and perks that will make drivers want to work for you. Don’t be afraid to go in-depth in this area – the more details you provide, the more drivers will already know about you before they go through the interview process. 

4. Leverage industry keywords as much as possible
Over 124 million job searches occur every single month on Google. If carriers really want their pages to attract new drivers, they need to ensure their sites are ranking at the top of these Google searches. The answer to ranking is, of course, search engine optimization (SEO for short). If you’re using the right keywords in your job descriptions (aka the ones that drivers are using when they are actually searching for open positions), you’ll have a better chance of ranking higher on Google. Do your research, make lists, and ensure you’re leveraging these keywords as much as possible when writing job descriptions.   

5. Showcase your fast application process
It’s no surprise that CDL truck drivers are subject to quite a few checks and balances during the application process. Verification of employment, background tests, and drug tests are all part of the qualification process. While most experienced drivers realize this going into the application process, they also want to get on the road fast. When you’re writing your next job description, make it clear that your streamlined application process, advanced verification of employment solution, and tech-savvy interview methods ensure that drivers can get on the road (and start getting paid) faster.

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