5 Super Creative Ideas CDL Driver Recruiters Can Swipe from Other Industries

In the world of CDL driver recruiting, new ideas can seem few and far between. In the modern driver shortage, finding, attracting, and retaining new drivers is more important than ever, which means that standing out from the competition is critical. And what sticks out more from the masses than interesting and engaging recruiting techniques? Today’s CDL drivers want to work for companies that stand out from the pack. The standard go-to recruiting techniques that have been around forever – think cold calls, email blasts, and generic ads in online forums – just aren’t cutting it anymore. The best CDL driver recruiters are taking a page out of other industry books to make the recruiting experience more personal and engaging for drivers. 

Here are 5 creative recruiting techniques CDL driver recruiters can – and should – swipe from other industries:

Idea #1: Group Interviews: When asked to think of the most social careers in the world, CDL truck driving probably isn’t making the list. This doesn’t mean that applying and interviewing for a CDL driving position needs to be isolating, however. One of the best ways to retain top driving talent is to create a compelling company culture with drivers, even though they’re on the road a majority of the time. 

Pro Tip! A compelling introduction to your company culture can start during the interviewing stage with group interviews. This will show you how drivers engage with others in the industry, and perhaps even bring up discussion topics that you hadn’t thought of before. 

Idea #2: Chatbots and AI: While buzzwords like Artificial Intelligence and Digital Advancements might seem overwhelming at first to many CDL driver recruiters, it’s actually pretty easy to implement these technologies into your driver recruiting strategy. 

Industries like healthcare, finance, and technology have already started using online chatbots, and AI-powered response systems to deliver an applicant-focused recruiting experience, and CDL recruiters should follow in their footsteps. 

Pro Tip! Use chatbots and AI to automate scheduling, follow-up with driver questions during offline hours, and securely track driver communication during the recruiting process. 

Idea #3: Job Fairs: Even with digital tools like AI and chatbots on the market, traditional recruiting methods are still popular, including job fairs. The one thing to remember when attending a job fair is to market the fact that your team is there. 

Pro Tip! Turn to social media, email, and text message marketing to let your drivers (and potential drivers that may have shown interest in your company) know that you’re going to be in attendance and that they should stop by your booth! 

Idea #4: Referral Programs: If there is one bigger advocate group for your company than your recruiters, it’s the drivers that are already on the road. They are the ones that have been through your recruiting process, made the decision to join the team, and know the in’s and out’s of what it takes to work with your company. It makes sense, then, that these are the individuals who know others who might like to join in on the fun. 

Pro Tip! Set up a paid referral program where drivers can earn a commission for referring potential drivers, and then offer a bonus if these drivers stick around for a certain amount of time (such as 12 months or more) to promote retention. 

Idea #5: Social Media: The best friend of the modern recruiter, regardless of industry, is social media. With so many people looking for new opportunities on social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook, social media platforms have become the new go-to place for professional networking. 

Pro Tip! CDL driver recruiters should post every single day about new positions, testimonials from drivers, and the highlights of company culture. 

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