5 Ways to Determine Whether or Not CDL Candidates Are a Good Fit

When it comes to finding the right drivers for your open positions, it can be easy to jump the gun a little early. After all, the competition is so fierce right now for drivers that many recruiters may want to say ‘yes!’ to any driver applicant that comes across their desk.

While it may be challenging to do so, recruiters may need to take a quick step back to assess their applicants in more detail. Yes, reviewing past experience, VOE history, references, and other essential information is highly critical and can help you build a well-rounded view of your driver applicants. But this data that is on paper can only give you half the picture. Looking at more abstract driver applicant qualities – things that might not be reflected on a DOT application – can help your team see if a driver would be a good fit for your organization.

Here are five ways to determine whether or not a driver candidate is a good fit:

  1. They’re committed to their profession. Sometimes, new driver candidates can reach out for jobs on a whim or as a last resort. While introducing new drivers to the industry is critical for expanding the driver market, it is important to find drivers committed to, dedicated to, and proud of their profession. This can help avoid drivers who are just looking for an interim position between other jobs.
  2. They take responsibility for their actions. Being a CDL driver means having a lot of responsibility for other organization’s goods, property, and supplies. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of opportunities for error, both forced and unforced. The right driver candidates should take responsibility for their actions and own up to incidents that may impact customers.
  3. They’re organized on and off the road. When interviewing driver candidates, pay attention to how organized and focused they are throughout the recruiting process. This will probably translate directly to how organized and focused they are on the road, which are both key traits for building a successful, long-term driving career.
  4. They’re open to growing in their career. Speaking of building a career, the ideal driver candidates for your team should be open to expanding their driving opportunities and developing their careers over time. While starting as a beginner-level driver is okay, the only way for your team to grow is to have drivers on hand who want to move into more strategic roles, either in driver management, operations or even recruiting.
  5. They’re a team player. While it may seem as though CDL drivers don’t need to be well-versed in team communication, your drivers need to be team players. Your group of drivers is, after all, a team of employees who need to be supportive and conscious of each other – not envious of the opportunities afforded to others. 

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