Case Study | How PTL Became 20% More Efficient at Managing and Communicating with New Driver Applicants

As a premier expedite carrier headquartered in Toledo, OH, Premium Transportation Logistics (PTL) has been serving customers in the Midwest, Mississippi, and Texas regions for nearly 20 years. Today, with more than 100 drivers and 80 trucks on the road, PTL is a leader in hauling freight via exclusive-use vehicles, trailers, and cargo vans with time-sensitive status.The functionality of the DriverReach platform lined up with the gaps in the PTL recruiting process, and as VP of driver development for PTL, Tyler Billeg had a decision-making role at the company. Within a few months of using the DriverReach platform, Tyler and the PTL have already started seeing results and have built a scalable vision for the future. 


Today, the PTL team utilizes the entire DriverReach platform as an end-to-end solution for their driver recruiting process. From sending initial text messages to running drug screenings to sending retention email campaigns, DriverReach allows PTL recruiters to do it all from a single location. 

Tyler and the PTL team specifically leverage DriverReach for end-to-end ATS and CRM functionality, including:

  • Detailed notes tracking and transparency into every single driver applicant.
  • Ongoing applicant and driver drug screenings.
  • Compliance checks once driver orientation and onboarding are complete.
  • Verification of Employment through VOE Plus.
  • Inbound VOE requests through VOE Plus, which puts money back in the pockets of PTL.
  • Text message functionality to stay in touch with drivers.
  • Ongoing nurture campaigns via email and text to stay top of mind of drivers. 


Since switching from their previous ATS to DriverReach, the PTL team is 20% more efficient at managing and communicating with new driver applicants. 

Since switching to DriverReach, the PTL team has also seen:

  • An increase in communications sent to drivers through the mass email and text message functionality. 
  • Greater satisfaction of recruiters after working with a platform like DriverReach that is easy to use and custom-built for CDL driver recruiting.
  • No uptick in driver complaints or issues, meaning the transition to DriverReach was completely seamless for that side of the operation. 
  • Easier access to a detailed, robust set of recruiting metrics in the DriverReach dashboard. 
  • A more efficient, streamlined recruiting process. 

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