Checklist | Conduct a Quick Review of Your 2021 Driver Recruiting Performance

In many industries and roles, the start of a new year means the opportunity for new ideas and processes. But how can you know what changes you need to make without understanding the highs and lows of the year before?

By taking stock of your team’s driver recruiting performance from 2021, auditing results (both good and bad), and comparing your results to your 2022 goals, your recruiting team can be set up for success in 2022.

Here is a quick checklist to review your driver recruiting performance from 2021:

___ How driver-focused were our recruiting efforts? Did drivers have to take any unnecessary steps to find, fill out, or submit an application? What about the interview/follow-up process?

___ How transparent was driver recruiting from recruiter to recruiter? Could any recruiter pick up where another one left off with a specific driver workflow? Did we have a single source of truth for recruiting efforts?

___ What do our current drivers think of our recruiting processes and retention efforts? Did they enjoy their recruiting experience? What ideas do they have to take things to the next level in 2022?

___ Where are our recruiting efforts falling ‘behind the times’? Are recruiters spending too much time and effort on manual processes when automation would be more efficient? Where do your recruiters think automation would be helpful?

___ What kinds of technology is your team using to support recruiting efforts? Are you in line with current industry/HR recruiting standards regarding Applicant Tracking Systems, CRM platforms, and other recruiting platforms?

___ How does your organization stand out from the competition? What makes driving for your team different from driving with another carrier? Is this difference highlighted prominently in any promotional materials and job postings?

___ What does the data from 2021 look like? What channels were the most valuable for finding and bringing in new applicant leads? What channels underperformed compared to your expectations and goals?

___ What are some things you wished you had implemented in 2021 but didn’t get around to? How have these goals changed over the past year? How have they stayed the same?

Using the checklist

Now what? Once you have answers in hand to the questions above, it’s time to put new strategies and processes into place. First and foremost, you need to have the right resources and solutions in place to make it easy to implement any large-scale changes that need to be made. With DriverReach, your team can use modern recruiting technology to make strategic changes without disrupting your recruiting operations or results.


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