Checklist | Does Your CDL Driver Job Ad STAND OUT?

You've checked and double-checked your new driver ad multiple times. You tested all the links to ensure you're driving traffic to the right page on your website. You even tested the application itself to ensure everything was running smoothly. However, once you submit the ad, you quickly realize something seems off. Clicking through the job forum where you just submitted your ad, dozens of job postings look exactly like the one you just posted.

If the above scenario sounds familiar, don't panic. Most CDL driver recruiters have been in a similar position, especially over the last few years. The industry has become more competitive, and the sheer number of job postings has increased exponentially. To break through the noise and stand out from the competition, CDL driver recruiters should start at the beginning: with the job ad itself.

Here is a checklist to help make sure that your CDL driver job ad stands out from the competition:

  • Is your ad written with SEO in mind? First and foremost, your job ad must be able to be found by job seekers, which means using SEO keywords and optimizing the copy.
  • Did you mention the benefits of driving with your organization? Share details about perks, benefits, pay, time off, and other highlights of working for your team.
  • Did you highlight the technology your drivers have access to? Technology is critical for modern CDL drivers, and calling out the various solutions and hardware drivers will be using can help your posting stand out from the competition.
  • Does the voice of your company stand out? Job postings don't have to be dry and dull! Let your company's voice shine through by sprinkling in jokes, wit, or other snappy copy to spice things up.
  • Did you link to notable resources besides your application? While the application is the most crucial link, feel free to also prompt drivers to learn more about your company or learn about current driver experiences by linking to a video testimonial from current drivers.
  • Can interested drivers learn more before they apply? If drivers aren't quite ready to apply yet, give them a place to share their contact information so that you can keep them posted on new job openings.


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