Critical Information Every CDL Driver Job Posting Should Include

Driver recruiters are constantly on the lookout for new, innovative ways to stand out from the crowd. With a growing shortage of qualified CDL drivers and the need for these drivers only increasing, it’s more critical than ever for carriers to have the right drivers on the road. CDL recruiters are trying it all from new recruiting angles and channels to custom content promotions through podcasts or videos.

Sometimes, however, it pays to go back to basics. In driver recruiting, this means the job post itself. Sure, your team may be pulling out all the stops when it comes to getting drivers interested, but are you making it vital to hit that ‘Submit’ button on their application? Optimizing a job post means taking best practices, industry knowledge, and more into account.

Here are the key points every CDL driver job posting should include:

An overview of the position

The heart of any job posting is the actual day-to-day duties it entails. This tends to be a short description for truck drivers but can act as a fundamental way to set your carrier out from the crowd. Make sure you include the following in your job posting overview:

  • A day in the life: What is the expectation? What sort of work will the driver be doing? If the job does not entail unloading a trailer, be sure to make that very clear.  If the job requires a number of stops throughout a route, be sure to convey that. 
  • Scheduling expectations: Let them know in the job description if the expectation is that the driver will be on the road for multiple days – or if they’re guaranteed a set amount of days home per week.
  • The technology offered: Some of the new technology out there, from safety tools to monitors, can be huge differentiators, so mention this investment as well.


 For many, putting compensation in a job posting can be construed as giving applicants a ‘peek behind the curtain’ or giving competitors access to your inner workings. Instead of putting just a cents-per-mile pay rate, be sure to indicate what the driver should expect to make on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.


 Don’t forget to include any qualifications, requirements, and things like this in your job posting. This could include a minimum number of years experience, safety history expectations, or specific training qualifications. Make sure you also mention the importance of the driver being registered with the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse, otherwise the hiring process could come to a screeching halt.

Company overview

 Your job posting is also the perfect place to sell drivers on your organization. What sets your team apart from others in the space? Talk about your unique company culture, how you make drivers feel engaged on the road, and more. Feature videos from actual drivers talking about why they decided to drive for your team. Be clear about what kind of drivers you’re looking for and the kind of person that should apply.

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