Do You Survey Your Drivers? Here’s Why You Should.

Over the past few years, the trucking and driver recruiting landscape has changed dramatically. Of course, the driver shortage is still there, and the challenges that have traditionally faced carriers and driver recruiters are still there. But now, there is intense outside competition as well.

Thanks mainly to the global pandemic, many workers left their jobs between 2020 and 2022 and did not have to return immediately to the workforce. Now that we are at the back end of this period, skilled workers – especially those with vocational training (like CDL drivers, for example) – have gotten back into the workforce. The only problem is that they can afford to be picky and selective with the employers they join, making this more of a job-seekers market than we’ve seen in a very long time.

So what does this mean for carriers and driver recruiters? CDL drivers looking to enter (or re-enter) the industry are doing so with a keen eye for finding the best fit for them and their lifestyle. While benefits and, of course, compensation is often at the top of ‘must have’ lists, there is also the recruiting process to think of and what happens once they’re on the road.

Simply put, drivers are looking for a true driver-first recruiting and employee experience. They are looking to recruiters to make it worth their while and to deliver what they’re looking for. And what better way to know what your drivers are looking for than to ask them?

Surveying your current drivers can help you: 

  • Get first-hand feedback on any new processes, workflows, or decisions implemented in your firm.
  • Test out new recruiting strategies with drivers before you implement them team-wide.
  • Capture testimonials, feedback, and first-hand accounts of what driving for your company is actually like. You can then use this content in promotional materials or on your website.
  • Increase retention rates with current drivers. Putting your current drivers top-of-mind can help ensure they stick around longer.
  • Build a culture of community, transparency, and communication with your current and new drivers.

Surveying and getting feedback from your drivers is all about community building and holding your corporate team accountable to your drivers. By asking them what new driver applicants are looking for in a carrier or recruiting experience, letting them provide feedback regarding your onboarding or recruiting programs, and continuing this feedback loop throughout their tenure, your team can establish yourselves as leaders in driver-first trucking. 

And, with so many new and returning applicants looking specifically for a career where they can be treated with respect and dignity, this reputation is sure to be noticed in the new driver recruiting landscape.


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