Don’t Let Previous Driver Leads Go to Waste – Do This Instead!

One of the most common sayings in driver recruiting is that recruiting is often indistinguishable from sales, and is this true in a couple of different ways. Sales teams are asked to constantly be on the lookout for new leads to fill their pipeline and ensure the well never runs dry when it comes to people to talk to; this is the same for driver recruiters. New driver leads constantly flow into the hiring funnel daily through external forms, job sites, or in-person recruiting efforts.

While this new driver pipeline may be full, it doesn’t mean that every driver in the bunch will become a driver for you. Many of these leads will most likely go through your recruiting process only to go in a different direction. While it may be tempting to cut your losses and write these drivers off as a loss, don’t let them go to waste! There are still ways to take action on these ‘lost’ leads and, just maybe, give them a second chance.


What to do with your previous driver leads

So, what should you do with your past driver leads to give them a second chance? Nurture them! Moving old leads into nurture programs keeps your team and your organization top-of-mind while engaging drivers in a low-touch, low-pressure way. While many organizations rely on email-only nurture programs, you can leverage any channels you think would deliver the best results with your drivers, including text and even direct mail assets.

A sample nurture program may include three to twelve touchpoints across multiple days or weeks for ongoing engagement. Building different nurture programs for different driver cases can also be helpful, as you can move a driver from one program to the next to maximize touchpoints. 


Different program focuses could include topics like:

  • The driver decided to work with a competing carrier – now what?
  • Highlighting current driver stories and focusing on the driver experience
  • A technology-focused program sharing stories of new tech and opportunities at your organization

Nurture programs are nothing new and have been used in sales and marketing organizations for decades. In driver recruiting, however, a nurture program could be just the thing your team needs to ensure your past driver leads don’t go to waste. Instead, nurture programs give these drivers a low-commitment way to engage with resources and content from your organization (always paired with a CTA, of course) that could lead to a renewed driver opportunity.


Ready to get started?

DriverReach is more than just an ATS solution for modern driver recruiting teams. Our innovative technology also includes best-in-class automated nurture programs. Past driver leads can easily be added to automated nurture programs and seamlessly moved through the nurturing process. 


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