Driver Recruiters: It’s Time to Tap Into Trucking State Associations

It can sometimes feel as though CDL driver recruiting teams operate on an island. Within the larger recruiting world, driver recruiting is a niche space that involves its own system of regulations, strategies, and networking requirements. However, recruiters need to realize that they aren’t alone in driver recruiting – and they aren’t even alone in the state trucking community.

In her most recent LinkedIn post, driver recruiting expert Wendy Bartz discussed the benefits of looking for recruiting tools and resources in your backyard. State trucking associations are a great place to meet local industry experts, connect with peers and other recruiters in the area, and influence policies that directly impact the day-to-day aspects of your job. 

According to Wendy, these associations are here to help recruiters succeed across the board, from understanding safety requirements to workforce development to policy influence. 

State trucking associations also offer resources for:

  • Developing recruiting and retention strategies to meet the needs of your local driver communities
  • Learning about new conferences, events, and networking opportunities in the area
  • Professional development and leadership programs to grow the next generation of local industry leaders
  • Recruiting thought leadership and industry experts
  • Meeting lifelong friends and connections


Want to get involved?

If you aren’t already involved in your state trucking association, what are you waiting for? It’s easy to get started:

  1. Ask your carrier if there is already any involvement with a state association
  2. Look up your state association on a site like to get started
  3. Work with your state association to get involved!


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