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Some driver recruiters are constantly looking for the next new scheme or hook to attract new driver applicants. Anything from application raffles to new hire sign-on bonuses are often thrown out there as new ways to drive applicants. However, with so much focus on these outside influences, one of the most critical tools in a recruiter’s arsenal can sometimes be left untapped: current drivers.

Leah Shaver, President & CEO of the National Transportation Institute, sat down with DriverReach to discuss a few actionable, attainable ways recruiters can leverage their current drivers to drive new applicants and, of course, driver retention. You can download the entire eBook, Recruit from the Inside Out: Winning with Retention, here

It’s no surprise that the industry is still facing a severe driver shortage, and the global pandemic only exacerbated the issue. Many recruiting woes were further challenged thanks to shutdowns and government mandates. Leah points out in the ebook that the generational divide between drivers also was increasing through all of this. 

Today, the way recruiters must talk to Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z is quickly changing. Each of these generations has different values, and they are looking for other things from their employment relationship. Understanding the difference in your driver audience from a generational perspective can help you better communicate and connect with both new and current drivers. 

Watch Leah Shaver’s entire conversation with Jeremy Reymer, Founder & CEO of DriverReach, here

Here are just a few of the recruiting and retention strategies Leah touches on in the eBook:

  • Referrals: Your current drivers can be incredible spokespeople for your organization, but do they even know about your internal driver referral program? Make sure you market this opportunity for drivers extensively to make the most of word-of-mouth marketing. 
  • Benefits: Recruiters should be talking about all of the different benefits you provide drivers that may set you apart from your competition, including wellness programs, wifi connections in trucks, reimbursement opportunities, and more. 
  • Compensation: Are you prioritizing new driver income opportunities? While many carriers are slowly but surely increasing driver compensation rates, focusing first on new and student driver salaries can build driver loyalty from the first day forward. 

Ready to get started? Download DriverReach’s newest eBook, Recruit from the Inside Out: Winning with Retention, and get these actionable strategies and more. 

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New driver recruiting opportunities shouldn’t end just because a driver applicant is lost to a competitor. The industry is too fast-paced – and too connected – for these leads to be gone forever. Imagine a world where all of your lead engagement data is available in one place and where you can easily communicate with viable leads with the click of a button. This type of outreach strategy is available with DriverReach, the modern driver recruiting management solution.

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