From Paper to Productivity: Viessman's Digital Recruiting Transformation

Viessman Trucking's story is one of resilience, innovation, and undeniable success. For over six decades, they have transported sensitive products with a steadfast commitment to safety, quality, and efficiency. However, like any thriving business, they faced challenges that threatened their progress. Their paper-based hiring system proved inflexible, hindering their ability to gauge what was truly effective in the recruitment and hiring process.

What sets Viessman apart isn't just their reputation as a great company to work for—it's their openness to change. They embraced digital technology and revolutionized their recruitment process, enhancing its speed, efficiency, and effectiveness.

The journey toward digital transformation was challenging, but Viessman Trucking's leadership team was determined to succeed. They appointed a Director of Marketing and Recruitment and strategically invested in job advertisements to attract the right talent. Moreover, they implemented DriverReach, a comprehensive platform that streamlined recruitment and onboarding. This new digital platform allowed them to review applications swiftly, communicate with candidates via text messages and email, and filter applicants based on critical attributes like tech skills, communication prowess, and enthusiasm to join their team.

The outcomes of their digital transformation were remarkable. Viessman Trucking filled an impressive 96% of their driving positions over the past six months, a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of their revamped recruitment approach. With unwavering faith in their digital platform, they maintained recruitment momentum, warmly welcoming an average of ten new drivers every month.

"Since we started using DriverReach, and increased our advertising efforts, it's become easier for us to receive and review applications electronically. As a result, we're attracting more candidates and ensuring we are hiring top-caliber drivers. DriverReach is critical to our success. With it, we can quickly find exceptional candidates we need to succeed."    - Marketing & Recruiting Director, Viessman Trucking

The triumph of Viessman Trucking's digital transformation goes beyond recruitment. It stands as a testament to the power of technology to fuel consistent growth, even during challenging times. Viessman Trucking's success showcases how digital platforms can assist trucking companies in saving costs, optimizing operations, and achieving more—with less—without compromising the core values that define a great workplace.

In an era where innovation is paramount, staying receptive to new approaches and exploring innovative ways to optimize operations is crucial, especially within a fluctuating freight market. Every dollar counts, and Viessman Trucking's experience demonstrates how technology, specifically DriverReach, can elevate recruitment and compliance strategies, ensuring companies stay at the forefront of the competitive landscape.

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