How AI Technology is Changing the CDL Recruiting Game for Good

Today’s CDL driver recruiters have a wealth of resources at their disposal. New advancements in technology have made it easier all around for recruiters to find, attract, and retain drivers. It can be tricky, however, for recruiters to know how to truly push the envelope and remain ‘cutting edge’ in such a rapidly moving industry. One of the newest technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence (AI), has finally come to the CDL recruiting space, and it’s shaking things up for good.

While numerous more innovative industries have long ago embraced the power of AI, the trucking industry is finally realizing the benefits of such a progressive technology, and recruiters are on the front lines of this experience. New AI-focused solutions on the market have introduced things like chatbots, automated scheduling, and resume scanning to the CDL world. Here is what you need to know now about AI recruiting technology.

The Future of Driver-Focused Recruiting
For years, CDL driver recruiters have been trying to figure out how to bring an element of progressive technology to the industry without alienating their more traditional audience members. As drivers themselves have become more tech-savvy (i.e. mobile applications, online employment verification, and more), recruiters have started to push the envelope with tech-based recruiting solutions. Now, the rise of AI has opened the doors to even more opportunity and advancement in the industry.

As a recruiter, connecting with drivers at the earliest possible stage is crucial. Instead of forcing recruiters to wait around until drivers reach out directly, AI technology is switching the game and allowing recruiters to communicate with drivers as soon as they start looking around your site. A chatbot simply pops up with a welcoming message that invites the driver to start a one-on-one conversation.

For added flexibility, many chatbots don’t even require a live recruiter to initiate a conversation. Recruiting teams can set up constraints on the back-end that automatically send a chat message if a driver clicks on a certain page link. From there, the AI technology scans the driver’s response and sends back an automated message with next steps, and can alert recruiters that there is an interested driver on the site. This ensures recruiters don’t miss out on any interested drivers just because it might be late at night, for example, or during off hours of the day.

Automated Scheduling
AI solutions and chatbots also make it easier to get the ball rolling with drivers without ever having to actually interact with a recruiter over the phone. Say a driver visits your site late at night looking for more information and expressing interest. Instead of receiving a canned message from the chatbot that says something generic like ‘A recruiter will be in touch,’ sophisticated AI solutions make it possible for drivers to actually schedule a one-on-one meeting with a recruiter at that very moment.

The key is a real-time calendar integration that automatically knows when recruiters are available. This gives drivers the power to schedule meetings at an available time that’s convenient for them, instead of waiting until the next day for someone to reach out.

Moving CDL Driver Recruiting Forward
The introduction of AI recruiting technology has paved the way for a truly exciting time in the trucking industry. As industry leaders grapple with the overwhelming driver shortage, innovation and creativity are becoming more critical than ever before. In the future, AI technology will be a must-have, integral part of any successful recruiters toolbox.

At DriverReach, we’ve always been and always will be at the forefront of recruiting technology. Our driver-focused solutions are built specifically to make recruiting and retaining drivers a breeze, which is why we’re so excited about finding ways to incorporate this advanced technology into our solutions. You can learn how DriverReach is bringing innovative, modern recruiting solutions by requesting a demo today.


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