Improving Driver Recruiting Processes With Technology

For many in the transportation industry, it can feel as though processes and operations are stuck in the dark ages - especially when it comes to the adoption of technology.

Small changes can take forever to trickle down through an organization, and any signs of leveraging modern tools are often met with a mixture of hesitation and distrust. For driver recruiters especially, it can feel as if the tools that are available are too archaic or too confusing for anyone to understand.

Just because the industry revolves around trucks doesn’t mean there isn’t room for technological advancement. With the right tools in place, recruiters can operate more efficiently, hire more drivers, and build more relationships. It all comes down to finding the right solutions that address the primary challenges you face, include hands-on support when needed, and are easy-to-use for maximum utilization.  

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Recruiters can leverage advanced technology to manage the driver application process and move applicants through the recruiting process faster and more efficiently. Many times, lengthy and intimidating recruiting processes can alienate prospective drivers and result in abandoned applications. Instead of relying on a process that fails to provide that visibility, recruiters can leverage technology that makes it easy for drivers to apply and significantly reduce the number of abandonments. Recruiters can automate critical tasks and notifications, ensuring all key stakeholders are up to speed and aware of the progress of each candidate.

One of the most time consuming steps in the recruiting process is the verification of previous employment. In outdated traditional recruiting models, it can take weeks for a driver’s previous employment history to be verified. This is one place where technology can save both recruiters and drivers uncertainty during the recruiting process. With automated employment verification, driver employment history can be confirmed in hours or even minutes, not weeks. The right technology enables recruiters to expedite the speed-to-hire by quickly finding and confirming driver employment histories with just a few clicks.

As a driver moves through the recruiting process, the benefits of advanced technology move as well. In the past, recruiters had to play phone or email tag with qualified applicants to engage and convert the best drivers possible. There is an underlying level of variability when driver recruiters don’t have the necessary insight into how drivers can best move through the funnel for maximum conversions. With driver recruiting management software, recruiters can easily communicate with qualified applicants via email, phone, or text through automated messages, improving response rates. Automated templates help recruiters nurture drivers through the funnel, ensuring no one slips through the cracks. Any in-person follow up tasks are automatically recorded and tracked to build a full picture of driver engagement and communication that can help build future recruiting strategies.

With technology doing the heavy lifting, manual reporting and number-crunching can be eliminated. Instead of going back through reports to try and capture trends, recruiters can now automatically track every lead source, communication channel, and follow-up activity to determine the most lucrative areas of ROI. Recruiting managers can then focus strategy on places that show the largest success and re-tool areas that need a little more work. Managing these numbers automatically also allows recruiting teams to associate overhead costs and budget numbers to any outbound recruiting activities, and then optimize internal processes to save money in the long-run.

Once drivers are through the hiring process and on the road, the recruiters’ job doesn’t end. Driver retention and compliance is a continuation of the recruiting process, and keeping drivers up-to-date and compliant can help save time and money down the road. Recruiters can leverage driver recruiting management software to build a driver qualification file in real-time, automatically updating expiring certifications and adding new documents when necessary. Automated alerts can immediately notify drivers about upcoming expiration dates, making it easy for both drivers and the safety department to stay on top of driver compliance without any manual data gathering. Drivers can be notified by email or text, whichever they prefer.

In the world of driver recruiting, technology doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right solutions in place, recruiters can leverage technology to make better decisions, eliminate manual work, and move more drivers through the funnel.

DriverReach, the modern driver recruiting management system, makes it easy for recruiters to convert more leads and hire faster, getting more drivers out on the roads and keeping them there.

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