Is a Driver Recruiting and Retention Management Platform Fundamental to Company Success?

The past few months have been nothing if not a whirlwind for carriers and trucking companies. Situations regarding the global pandemic changed on an almost daily basis, and an industry that was already struggling to find qualified drivers became even more competitive. If there was one silver lining, however, it was that the trucking industry as a whole fully embraced the use of technology and digital innovation to help drive things forward.

In addition to corporate communication tools and internal technology platforms, many carriers also turned to driver recruiting and retention management platforms for the first time to help manage the back-end processes of CDL driver recruiting. This shift happened not a moment too soon. With increased competition in the industry for qualified drivers, shifting driver communication preferences, and the overall uncertainty in trucking, implementing a driver recruiting and retention solution is the key for both recruiting and company success.

Here are three main ways a driver recruiting and retention platform can help drive company success:

  • A recruiting platform can help your organization stand out in the crowded CDL recruiting market.

Finding qualified drivers for your team is now more challenging than ever. With a driver recruiting management platform, your team can break through the noise to target drivers exactly where they want to be targeted. 

Your recruiting team can be more flexible, more responsive, and more efficient with the right tools in your pocket. With more qualified drivers on the road, your organization can scale the way it needs to succeed.

  • A retention platform can help build lasting relationships with your drivers.

Your current drivers are some of your most valuable assets, and your team should treat them as such. With a driver retention and compliance management solution, recruiters can keep tabs on current drivers, set up ongoing nurture campaigns and checkpoints, and make sure things are running smoothly. 

Additionally, your team can connect current drivers with prospective ones for an added recruiting tool. Keeping your drivers on the roads means a steady stream of business for your organization.

  • A digital solution that tracks data and metrics can help your team make more strategic decisions.

For too long, driver recruiters relied on gut feeling or the ‘this is how we’ve always done it’ mentality to make significant strategic decisions. With a focused recruiting and retention management platform helping to run things behind the scenes, your team can access real-world numbers and data that shows how well things are performing. 

With these numbers in hand, your recruiting (and your marketing, HR, finance, management, etc.) team can make better, informed decisions that are designed to move things forward. In addition, your organization as a whole can benefit from the added level of insights provided by your recruiters – including feedback straight from your drivers and applicants themselves.

The bottom line

So, is a driver recruiting and retention management platform fundamental to company success? The long and short answer is, of course, yes! By investing in your recruiters, drivers, and applicants, your entire organization can reap the benefits and continue to move towards success. You can learn more about implementing a recruiting and compliance management solution at your organization here.

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