Keep These CDL Driver Recruiting Secrets in Mind

It’s no secret that the driver recruiting industry is more competitive than ever. Now that we’ve come out of the pandemic with increased demand for goods, the demand for drivers to support this supply chain is also skyrocketing. How is your carrier beating out the competition?

Now is the perfect time to break out all the recruiting tips, tricks, and secrets your team has been stockpiling over the past few years. Drivers can have their pick of carriers, so what sets your team apart? How are you reaching drivers on a unique level? What are you doing differently from other teams that not only attracts new drivers but prompts your current drivers to stick around?

Recruiting secrets to remember this year

Here are some tips, tricks, and best practices to keep in mind this year:

  • Don’t lose sight of retention in favor of recruiting. Your current drivers are your team’s most significant investment, so why would you ignore them in favor of bringing in new drivers? Double down on your driver retention efforts to ensure your current drivers aren’t at risk of turnover.
  • Leverage every recruiting tool in your arsenal. Sure, the team is probably out there following the recruiting playbook to a T regarding engagement, technology, and other best practices. But what about your personnel? Drivers are looking for personal connections, and your recruiters and current drivers can deliver on this request. Ensure you’re leveraging every tool in your recruiting arsenal – including your current drivers – to engage with new driver prospects.
  • Now is the time to be creative. How are you currently reaching new drivers? Is it just through your website or job posting sites? Be creative and establish a presence in places you know drivers will be: on driver-specific forums, social media pages, radio shows, podcasts, and more.
  • Technology is your friend! Trucking technology is now a key differentiator for drivers looking to make a new carrier decision. In every conversation (and even in your job postings and on your website), make sure you’re highlighting the technology your drivers have access to, where your team is heading from a technology standpoint, and any unique opportunities your drivers can take advantage of.


Want to learn more?

The DriverReach team has decades of experience working with best-in-class carriers to develop winning recruiting and retention strategies. With a one-on-one consultation with a recruiting expert, you can develop unique recruiting strategies to help optimize your recruiting efforts and truly beat out the competition this year. 


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