Key DriverReach Features Your Recruiting Team Needs Now

For decades, the trucking industry was notoriously behind the times of technical adaptation and embracing digital solutions for both in-office employees and drivers alike. However, the industry is finally turning a corner, and embracing technology is now a critical pillar of success across the board for carriers and logistics organizations.

Leading this digital movement are applicant tracking and recruiting management solutions like DriverReach. By putting powerful and flexible solutions in the hands of driver recruiters, these platforms are making it easier to be more successful in what is shaping up to be an incredibly fast-changing industry.

These platforms are more than just one solution to fix all your problems, however. There are multiple features and offerings available within the DriverReach platform designed to optimize every part of your recruiting operations. Here are some key features of the DriverReach solution that your team needs to be using now:

  • Applicant tracking: move drivers through the recruiting process faster with DriverReach. This feature allows your team to track drivers at every stage of the recruiting process, from application to qualifying to when they’re on the road.
  • Integrated campaigns: modern driver engagement requires more than just a generic email. Your team needs a way to track phone calls, text messages, and other outbound campaigns run to engage driver applicants.
  • Automated communications: speed and consistency are critical, especially when working with CDL drivers. With the Cadence automated communication feature from DriverReach, recruiters can build templated emails that your recruiters can easily share and track.
  • Flexible e-doc sharing: collecting personal information from drivers can be difficult, especially if you’re working towards a deadline. With a robust e-doc / e-sign solution from DriverReach, your team can build new documents, populate and manage form fills, and deliver that driver-first experience your applicants are looking for.
  • Verification of employment: verifying previous employment can be a significant burden and time suck. With the DriverReach VOE tool, your team can verify previous employment in days, not weeks.
  • Data tracking and reporting: your team will only start to see success if you have data and numbers compared to what you were doing ‘before.’ With this feature, your team can build comprehensive reports and dashboards for any person at your organization – including executives – to analyze and prepare.


Ready to get started? DriverReach is the modern recruiting management and compliance solution for a reason – our digital offerings are designed specifically to help recruiters deliver incredible experiences to drivers. You can learn more here.

New driver recruiting opportunities shouldn’t end just because a driver applicant is lost to a competitor. The industry is too fast-paced – and too connected – for these leads to be gone forever. Imagine a world where all of your lead engagement data is available in one place and where you can easily communicate with viable leads with the click of a button. This type of outreach strategy is available with DriverReach, the modern driver recruiting management solution.

You can learn more about DriverReach here.


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