Looking Ahead: What to Expect in Driver Recruiting This Year

Like many in the industry, you may have spent much of 2021 wishing for a crystal ball to predict the future. While there have been some spectacularly unpredictable moments over the last few years, driver recruiters can take some solace in being prepared for anything the world throws their way this year.

Whether your team is looking to build new recruiting processes, set up top-of-the-line recruiting technology, or develop holistic driver-first recruiting processes this year, here are some predictions and things to keep in mind when it comes to driver recruiting in 2022:

  • Driver applicants are out there, but they will require some creativity to engage. While it may seem as though the recruiting pool of potential applicants has run dry, there are people out there looking for new opportunities. Your team must be creative and willing to engage with these new audiences. Look for forums or online message boards for minority groups, women in trucking, and other potential drivers and start organic conversations.
  • Your corporate brand and culture are more important than ever. Modern employees (drivers included) want to work for socially responsible, engaged, and aware organizations that value their employees and understand corporate consciousness. Your recruiting team should work directly with HR and your executives to establish a strong brand and culture, educate your internal employees and drivers on your messaging, and share this brand value statement with outside applicants.
  • Figure out how to speak directly to drivers, and don’t let any opportunity pass you by. One of the great things about modern driver recruiting is that there are countless ways to connect directly with drivers across multiple channels. The channels are out there, from podcasts to social media to thought leadership to online forums and message boards, but it’s up to you to use them to engage with drivers. Think about setting up a corporate blog and sending updates to drivers, sponsoring a podcast or radio show, or even joining a few message boards and engaging in some discourse. Just don’t let this opportunity to connect pass by. 
  • Ask your drivers what they’re looking for – and then deliver. Your current drivers are one of the best litmus tests for knowing precisely what prospective drivers are looking for and how to deliver on your promises. Ask your drivers directly through surveys, feedback loops, or one-on-one conversations what they’re looking for or what your team could do better, and then put this feedback into action for both your driver applicants and current drivers.
  • Digital tools and solutions are critical for success. One of the biggest things the last few years has taught the corporate world is that being flexible and ready for anything is a must. If your team hasn’t already embraced the world of automation, cloud-based solutions, and driver-first recruiting, now is the time.


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