Make Driver Recruiting Simple This Year!

We’re halfway through 2022, which means now is the perfect time for driver recruiters to take stock of their success this year. Looking back at what worked well over the first six months of 2022 can help your team head in the right direction while identifying areas that may need improvements can ensure your team is working on the right things over the next six months.

If there is one strategic initiative that should be on every recruiting team’s radar this year, it’s back-to-basics recruiting. The last few years have been a whirlwind in the trucking and logistics industries, and both CDL drivers and carriers have felt the brunt of many of these challenges. 

If you’re looking for ways to get your recruiting team back to basics, here are some tips to take into account over the next few months:

  • Know what a ‘top qualified applicant’ looks like to your organization and recruit these drivers. 

All recruiting teams have goals in place around hiring and retaining top talent. But what does this mean to your organization? Take the time with your team to go back to the drawing board, identify precisely what you’re looking for in driver candidates, and the best avenues for attracting and retaining this talent.

  • Optimize your recruiting process for both drivers and recruiters. 

Delivering a driver-focused recruiting experience is a top concern for recruiters, but optimizing your processes with both drivers and recruiters in mind is possible. On a foundational level, if your recruiters have the tools and processes that make their jobs easier, they can be better equipped to deliver exceptional experiences to drivers.  

  • Lean into automation to deliver an even more driver-focused recruiting experience. 

Automation has become an enormous tenant of driver recruiting over the last few years, and many recruiting teams are now relying heavily on automated processes to do more with less. Strip back the complex and complicated recruiting processes your team may have used over the last few years to get back to basics. You can turn some of these more complex items over to your automation systems, freeing your recruiters’ time to focus on your drivers.

  • Rely on data to point your team in the right direction. 

Every team requires data to know if a strategic process is working or not, but all too often, this critical information is buried under unnecessary ‘noise.’ Getting back to the basics of recruiting means focusing on the insights that are critical to moving your team forward. Without unnecessary distractions, your recruiting team can be more focused, deliver strategic solutions to drivers, and plan for the future.

Want to learn more?

Back-to-basics driver recruiting starts with a strong foundation – and robust tools. With DriverReach’s modern recruiting and compliance management system, your team can focus on what matters: your drivers. With solutions for automation, ongoing driver engagement, and data collection, DriverReach can help your team get back to the basics and simplify your driver recruiting efforts. 



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