Make Social Media Your Driver Recruiting Team’s Secret Weapon

If you’ve been following along the past few weeks, we’ve been highlighting some of the hot tips and tricks that trucking industry thought leader Wendy Bartz has been posting and sharing on her LinkedIn. From creative ways to engage with drivers to why listening is the best weapon in recruiting, Wendy has become a go-to resource for ways to think outside of the box regarding driver recruiting.

In her most recent post, Wendy discusses photos and video dominance over social media and how driver recruiters can harness the power of social channels to engage with drivers. Here are some areas of focus to keep in mind when it comes to leveraging your social media channels:

  • Education is essential. 

Not all social channels are created equal, and each channel has different assets and strategies to ensure the highest rate of engagement. Wendy suggests working directly with a marketing team resource to identify the right assets for each channel (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and ensuring your team has these on hand.

  • You have to stay on top of updates. 

Another critical part of social media engagement is that these channels constantly update and change. For example, Instagram (now a massive player in driver engagement) has recently changed aspect ratios for photo posts. Staying on top of these updates means your drivers constantly engage with the highest quality content possible.

  • Social media is a more personal avenue of engagement. 

We all connect with friends and family daily on social media, and often we do so through photos and video. When connecting with drivers this way, it’s okay to be less formal and more friendly – like a genuine personal relationship.

  • Drivers are seeing what you post – trust us. 

Modern CDL drivers are very online and aware of what carriers are posting. Drivers are looking at this content to understand better what a team looks like, what the carrier can offer, and what the lifestyle would be if they drove for the team. The bottom line is that drivers look at your social profiles, but are they up to snuff? Now is the time to hone your social media strategy to make social channels the secret weapon in your recruiting arsenal.


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