Part 1 | Are You Automating Your Driver Recruitment Process?

Over the past five years or so, CDL driver recruiting has become increasingly complicated. As the roads we drive on have become less safe, lawmakers and industry professionals have put new rules and regulations in place to mitigate these risks and help add structure to the profession. In the wake of these regulations, however, have come new digital requirements and back-end processes to ensure compliance and transparency.

Instead of spending most of their time finding, interviewing, and hiring new driver applicants, CDL driver recruiters now have to jump through multiple hoops (and platforms, conversations, and databases) to even get past the first steps in the process. This is why many CDL driver recruiters are turning to automated systems and solutions to help streamline these processes and get drivers qualified and hired faster.

Here are three required steps during the CDL driver recruitment processes that can be easily automated with the right technology:

Verification of Employment

Verifying your applicant’s past employment history, while mandatory, can be a very tedious part of the application process. With the addition of the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse, the pre-employment verification aspect of the process is getting its fair share of the spotlight recently. 

Verification of employment can’t fall through the cracks, but sending and receiving multiple employment verification requests for the same drivers over and over can take up way too much time. With a modern verification of employment solution like VOE Pus, your team can automatically redirect incoming employment queries to a single pre-populated repository. You can easily send previous employment verification requests to other carriers, as well.

Driver database nurture programs

Often, drivers will visit a website, request more information, and are never heard from again. Getting ghosted by driver applicants is never fun, which is why nurturing applicants with engaging content is so important. But setting up and sending daily, weekly, or monthly email campaigns is not a good use of your time. Working with automated nurture programs, however, makes staying top-of-mind with drivers a breeze. 

CDL industry-specific nurture campaign technology can automatically add new drivers to pre-determined drip campaigns based on different factors and then sends out templated messages on a regular basis. The best part? If a potential driver responds or engages with a message, you can be automatically notified to follow up with the now “warm” prospect. 

Internal applicant notes sharing

In the world of recruiting – regardless of industry – making sure your hiring team is on the same page about potential employees is critical. For CDL driver recruiters, there are multiple application steps (requests for information, initial phone screening, informative email conversations, and even text message conversations) that might involve different recruiters or stakeholders. Sharing notes, updates, and next steps with these stakeholders is easy with a modern recruiting management solution that allows everyone to upload notes, share thoughts and next steps, and keep tabs on applicants as they move through the hiring process.

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