Part 3 | How a Better VOE Process Can Help You Hire More Drivers

Before the digital recruiting revolution of a few years ago, CDL drivers were more or less used to a clunky, disjointed recruiting process when they were looking for new opportunities. In fact, this is one of the contributors to the CDL industry’s notoriously high turnover rate.

Modern CDL drivers, however, have woken up to the fact that applying and joining a new company doesn’t have to be hard and, in fact, it should be quite easy. This wake-up call has left recruiters scrambling to deliver the amazing recruiting experiences modern CDL drivers now expect to receive.

Thanks to digital advancements in Applicant Tracking Systems and Customer Relationship Management platforms, some of the more applicant-facing processes have undergone quite the facelift over the last few years. There is one part of the recruitment process, however, that has eluded recruiters – until now, that is.

Employment verification is one of those tedious-yet-mandatory parts of the CDL driver recruitment process that many carriers and drivers tend to be challenged with. It’s not uncommon for some VOE requests to take weeks to come back to a carrier, and by then a potential driver applicant could be long gone with a competitor.

Luckily, the same people who brought you the modern driver recruitment management platform also offer the ultimate employment verification solution, VOE Plus, which addresses all of the ‘bumpy’ parts of driver employment verification and helps streamline the process for carriers and drivers alike.

Here are three ways investing in better verification of employment resources can help you hire more drivers faster:

1 – Streamline the application and hiring process

It’s no surprise that modern drivers are looking for a fast, easy application and hiring process. Gone are the days where carriers could wait a week to call or email a prospective driver back – today, recruiters are relying on immediate call and text follow up to minimize wait times and move conversations along quickly. Simply put, asking a driver to wait weeks for an employment verification follow-up isn’t going to do you any favors. VOE Plus is one of the most comprehensive driver employment databases in the industry, which means your team could cut your wait time down from weeks to just minutes.

2 – Free up time to focus on applicant needs

Today’s CDL driver recruitment process isn’t getting any easier. In fact, there continue to be new regulations added that give CDL driver recruiters more to do before they can get drivers on the road. Looking at your current workload, why would you want to keep wasting precious time sending and receiving employment verification requests manually when you could be focusing on critical applicant conversations? VOE Plus allows you to redirect employment verification requests to the database (and collects payment in the process) to recruiters out of the process altogether.

3 – Boost your reputation in the industry

When your team is leveraging a two-pronged attack where you’re streamlining driver-focused processes while freeing up recruiters to be more focused on driver needs, driver applicants are bound to take notice. So much of the modern CDL recruiting industry runs off of word-of-mouth reviews and reputation management, and being known for a faster hiring process is never a bad thing. As your team becomes more confident with adding a resource like VOE Plus to your current modern recruiting process, you can get more drivers on the road faster. Your industry reputation will see a boost with drivers who are looking to work for a company that actually values its driver’s time.

Ready to get started? DriverReach’s team of CDL driver recruiting specialists are on hand to talk about all things VOE Plus, including how your team can get paid for inbound verification requests without any manual effort. You can schedule your personal conversation here.  

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