Put an END to CDL Driver Ghosting. Here's How:

As a CDL driver recruiter, you've probably been in this situation a time or two: a qualified, highly skilled driver applies for an open position. After a follow-up conversation, they move forward in the application process. However, somewhere between running various reports, verifying their employment, and following up with subsequent communication, the driver goes dark. Yes, they've fallen into the black hole of driver recruiting, and they can't get out.

Why do drivers go dark?

Drivers can fall out of the recruiting process into this black hole and go dark for several different reasons. They may have found new employment with a competing carrier. They could have changed their mind and not wanted to continue in the process. Or, worst of all, your team crossed wires internally and didn't accurately follow up with the driver when expected.

What's so upsetting about drivers going dark is that it means the most qualified drivers won't be on the road with your team. Instead, if they're on the road at all, they're going to be driving for competitors, and, frankly, the driver shortage is too much of an issue to pass on talent.

How to put an end to CDL driver ghosting

If you're sick and tired of drivers going dark – aka ghosting you – there are some things you can try to address your issues. 

Here are some tips and tricks to keep drivers engaged during the recruiting process:

  • Make sure your recruiting process is built with the drivers' experience in mind. 

Suppose your driver applicants are going dark because they get another offer from a competitor instead or decide to go with another offer. In that case, you may be working too slow for an average driver. Ask for feedback from your current drivers on how involved or how hands-off to make the recruiting process so you can be sure you're recruiting with a driver-first mindset.

  • Highlight the most significant value and differentiators of your organization right out of the gate. 

If your drivers decide they don't want to continue with the recruiting process, it's probably time to re-think how you are marketing and promoting your open roles. Take a step back and see where your website, job postings, application, and other recruiting materials need to be updated.

  • Make sure your internal processes are up to date and optimized. 

Letting drivers – especially qualified applicants – slip through the cracks in your recruiting process is nearly unforgivable. Ensure there are no gaps in the process by keeping your processes up to date and optimized for the most efficient and effective recruiting operations possible.

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