Quick Tips For “Always-On” CDL Recruiting Teams

As we head into the back half of 2022, many recruiting teams are taking stock of where they sit regarding goals, total hires, and overall success this year. One of the significant parts of this kind of mid-year audit is understanding where your team stands in terms of processes and where these processes can be streamlined and, in some cases, optimized.


What is an always-on recruiting team?

 Modern CDL teams are now part of an always-on recruiting cycle, which means they must constantly look for new ways to engage drivers, connect with prospects, and explore new channels. There is no such thing as a day off or down time for driver recruiters since most CDL drivers are on the road during non-traditional hours and, as such, are available to connect with drivers during these times. When drivers are at home with their families, they’re less likely to be looking to connect with new opportunities.

Working with and for drivers means that recruiting teams also need to be always-on. This includes building a robust pipeline of new leads that never runs dry, nurturing these prospects before they’re even in recruiting conversations, and setting up ongoing touchpoints with lost prospects to prepare for future opportunities.


Tips for building an always-on recruiting team

  1. Make it easy for recruiters to access driver information.
    It’s not uncommon for multiple contacts to work with one driver applicant throughout the recruiting process or for recruiters to have to answer driver questions during off-hours quickly. Making it easy for drivers to quickly (and securely) access driver information can ensure they deliver timely follow-ups.

  2. Never let your driver pipeline run dry.
    Your recruiters should work with multiple drivers simultaneously to ensure drivers are on the road and your team meets your goals. Without a constant pipeline of driver leads to work from, your team could get stuck in a dry spell with no new drivers coming on board.

  3. Look to automation to fill the gaps.
    It would be practically impossible for any recruiting team to deliver quality custom follow-ups to drivers without a little help from technology. With automation – aka nurture programs, drip programs, etc. – recruiting teams can put drivers into unique campaigns that deliver the correct information at the right time.

  4. Always be learning!
    This is a go-to tip for any modern recruiting team, but it is especially relevant for driver recruiters looking for new ways to engage and connect with drivers. There are always new channels, websites, and forums to be explored, so if your team has reached a dead-end or roadblock in recruiting, why not check out something new?


Want to get started?

If your team is ready to optimize your internal processes and deliver an authentic always-on experience, DriverReach can help! From best-in-class nurture programs to keep drivers in the loop to lead scoring and access to driver notes, DriverReach can help turn your team into an always-on, driver-focused machine.  


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