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As many CDL driver recruiters know, there is no magical silver bullet to getting it all right regarding driver recruiting. The last few years have been a testament to this fact, throwing challenge after challenge in the way of recruiting success. As we head firmly into 2022, it’s not just the trucking industry, other carriers, or the supply chain causing challenges. Instead, the sheer number of other organizations across industries looking to hire new talent, all competing for the same candidates, is causing driver recruiters to pause.

However, CDL driver recruiters can break through this noise and successfully attract qualified candidates, hire the best applicants, and keep hired drivers on the road. Here are five steps to success to keep in mind this year:

  1. Use your current drivers as a barometer for applicants.
    Your drivers on the road are one of your secret weapons, so use them to gauge what you’re doing well and where you can improve in the applicant process. Ask for feedback, communicate with drivers, and put this feedback into action during your application and retention programs.

  2. Connect and engage with the industry as much as possible.
    Sometimes it’s all about reputation. Establishing a reputation of driver-first engagement is critical, especially in an industry as competitive as the trucking industry is. Post on forums and industry sites, attend conferences and meetings, and leverage social media to spread a wide net to engage with drivers.

  3. Promote your culture and your team.
    Your drivers and your back-office team make up the meat and potatoes of your organization, so why not promote them to new drivers? Make sure you have a page on your website highlighting your team, events you host, and other company culture items that set you apart from your competition.

  4. Make it simple for driver applicants to engage.
    Finally, making it as easy as possible for drivers to engage with your team, your application, and your hiring process is critical to being successful in 2022. Review your application and hiring process, and from a driver’s point of view: is it easy to find new opportunities? Is it easy to apply? Is the follow-up process clear and concise? Make sure the answer to all of these is ‘yes.’

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