Tips to Keep Your CDL Drivers Engaged Through the Recruiting Process

Modern driver recruiters are used to fighting an uphill battle. Not only is there a years-long driver shortage to contend with, but the recent pandemic has left the competition for qualified drivers even more intense than ever. Nothing is worse than pouring everything you have into conversations with driver applicants to have them go dark and fall out of communication for no reason. This black hole is a dangerous place for applicants and leaves little hope for recruiters of pulling them back out again.

As more recruiting teams work to streamline their operations to compete in this new age of driver recruiting, there is somewhat of a double-edged sword when trying to keep drivers out of this black hole. On the one hand, recruiters are learning new ways to be more effective and efficient, giving them the chance to engage more drivers and get more done in a day. On the other hand, however, is the fact that recruiters are under more pressure than ever, there’s zero room for error - no driver can slip through the cracks.

The bottom line is that driver applicants must be continuously engaged throughout the entire application, interview, and onboarding process. Drivers can go dark at any minute until the time they are on the road, which means recruiters must constantly be on the ball and diligent with their engagement strategies. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping drivers engaged throughout the recruiting process to ensure they don’t go dark:


  • Start engaging with drivers before they even apply. Become active on industry forums, post on message boards, social media, and ask your current drivers for recommendations.
  • Update your website to include a “learn more” form as well as an application form. This way, divers can enter their information even if they aren’t ready to apply, and your team can reach out to them on an ongoing basis to check in.

During the recruiting process:

  • Once drivers apply, set up a clear line of accountability with recruiters to follow up and engage the applicant. This could include assigned tasks, alerts, and other things to make sure people know exactly what they’re responsible for.
  • Leverage automated follow-ups to constantly reach out to drivers who are in the middle of the recruiting process. If you’re working on previous employment verifications, for example, that may take a couple of days, check in with the applicant via email or text to let them know when you will be done.


  • Set up recurring check-ins with your drivers who are on the road to make sure they’re satisfied with their situation. Ask questions and get feedback to continue to optimize your organization’s driver experience.
  • Build a company culture based on your drivers. Take proactive steps to make sure your current drivers stick around, such as all-company meetings, newsletters, social media posts, forums, and more.  

Want to learn more?

Implementing new driver engagement strategies can be a fun, creative part of the recruiting process – if you have the right tools in your corner. If your team is ready to find new ways to connect, communicate, and engage with drivers, the team at DriverReach is on hand to help you find the strategies that work for you. You can learn more by scheduling a one-on-one consultation today.

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