Upcoming Webinar: "Driver Outlook & Wage Trends You NEED To Pay Attention To"

Recruiting and HR is a constantly changing, ever-evolving industry. Today’s workforce is looking for a culture-first attitude from employers (regardless of industry) and recruiters have had to adopt new strategies and tools to keep up with this demand. For CDL driver recruiters, there has never been so much opportunity in the industry. Between new advancements in technology, an industry-wide brand revamp, and an increasingly sophisticated applicant pipeline, CDL driver recruiters can finally step away from traditional recruiting methods and start to adopt more cutting-edge, innovative strategies. 

Attracting and retaining highly-qualified professional drivers remains the greatest challenge of any fleet today. That's why successful recruiters need to thoroughly understand the current landscape and be able to adapt with the changing trends. 

In our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, November 12th at 2pm EDT, you'll hear from Leah Shaver, Chief Operating Officer for The National Transportation Institute (NTI), the truckload industry subject matter experts on company driver and owner-operator compensation history, changes, and benchmarks. 

With years of experience in the industry, Leah will share her insights regarding:

  • Current market wage trends and how that impacts your recruiting efforts
  • Constraints on driver outlook and strategies for how to adapt to the upcoming changes
  • Insight into the actions successful fleets take to beat the odds 
  • How recruiters' internal and external marketing campaigns should align to support professional drivers and create more opportunities

Title:Driver Outlook & Wage Trends You NEED To Pay Attention To

Date: Tuesday, November 12th 

Time: 2pm EDT

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