Want to Keep CDL Drivers in the Loop? Here's How to Do It.

For many CDL drivers, being out on the road can be a demanding lifestyle. Not only are they away from their family for days or even weeks at a time, but they are also alone for most of these trips. This isolation – especially from your corporate teammates and colleagues who relate to the situation – can be draining for CDL drivers. This burnout on the road contributes to the high turnover rates in the industry. And, as such, is a position that many carriers are looking to prevent and avoid.

The ongoing sentiment of drivers is critical to a carrier’s success, making it even more important for companies to understand and recognize the impact of driver burnout. Being transparent with drivers, reaching out and checking in, and keeping them in the loop on organizational updates and decisions can help ensure they feel connected to the company.

If you want to keep drivers in the loop this year, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Let drivers know about significant (and small) changes. 

The bottom line with any driver engagement strategy is that transparency is critical. The trucking industry is fluctuating fast, and carriers are evolving rapidly to keep up with the industry. Don't allow drivers to hear about corporate changes through the grapevine. Proactively communicate with your drivers about significant changes as they occur, and keep them in the loop on more minor updates. Your drivers are a valued part of your team and should be treated with respect.

  • Check-in with drivers both one-on-one and as a team. 

The lack of face-to-face communication can often be a sticking point for CDL drivers. There are two ways carrier organizations can tackle this roadblock: First, recruiters should make a point to check in regularly with drivers in a one-on-one setting to get their thoughts and feedback in person. Even if it's just a video call, this personal engagement ensures your drivers' voices are heard. Second, schedule a team monthly call to address any issues on a larger level. This will help your team share the same message across the organization.

  • Ask for driver feedback. 

The worst-case scenario for a driver recruiter is when a driver leaves without warning, stating that they are leaving because of a lack of transparency that your team didn't even realize was an issue. Asking for driver feedback regularly can help your team stay on top of driver concerns and nip these issues in the bud as soon as they arise. You can also ask drivers to review and respond to new recruiting and retention initiatives to ensure your team's strategic decisions meet your drivers’ needs.


Ready to get started?

There are tons of resources for driver recruiting and HR teams to learn more about building the best driver engagement strategy for your organization. 

You can learn more about building a culture of driver transparency by checking out the DriverReach blog.


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