Webinar | “No Drivers, No Revenue. How to Keep Your CDL Drivers Healthy and On the Road”

In our upcoming webinar, presenters Jeffrey Joo, Vice President of Sales at Espyr, and Bob Perry, Consultant to Espyr, will join Jeremy Reymer as they together discuss why companies need to support CDL drivers’ physical and mental health the same way they treat their trucks – with care and attention to vital signs.

It’s no secret that the driver shortage is creating massive challenges for driver recruiters. On top of the limited candidate pool, companies typically lose 5-10% of drivers annually to a preventable medical disqualification. 

In this webinar, Jeff and Bob will share how to requalify quality DQ’d drivers who were disqualified due to health-related issues on their DOT Physical Exams and – perhaps most importantly – retain current CDL drivers by providing both physical and mental health programs. 

Webinar attendees will learn how to:

  • Requalify medical-related disqualified drivers
  • Help drivers perform at their best by ensuring proper rest, nutrition intake, and exercise
  • Invest in drivers’ mental and physical health to positively impact retention – and improve your company’s bottom line

Title: “No Drivers, No Revenue. How to Keep Your CDL Drivers Healthy and On the Road”

Date: Wednesday, August 18th

Time: 2pm EST

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