Webinar Q&A: Modern Recruiting in a Driver Shortage

Our recent webinar "Modern Recruiting in a Driver Shortage" yielded too many questions from registrants to answer in the allotted 30-minute timeframe.

Therefore, we decided to list the additional questions, along with their answers, on DriverReach's blog.

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Can this be replayed? Will I get a copy of this?

The Modern Recruiting in a Driver Shortage webinar is now available on-demand. Go here to learn how best to thrive in today’s driver shortage environment. Feel free to share it!

We are a leasing company for drivers, I’m finding that most drivers are shopping when posting their resumes, do you have any ideas on exciting drivers to use a company like ours?

As a former driver leasing company owner (Driving Ambition), I know exactly where you’re coming from. One of the strongest arguments I used to make was that the driver has the opportunity, with a driver staffing company, to be exposed to countless other companies BEFORE they had to make a decision on who to work for. This allowed them to evaluate each company before making a commitment. They also had a much greater level of freedom and flexibility since they were no longer subject to “forced dispatch”. 

We have all the social media that would be useful to advertise our company but we aren’t sure how to still market our company better. We have compensation but no one seems to know us. What can we do to improve this?

The issue may not be your marketing...perhaps it is where you lead them AFTER you attract them. For example, it’s always a good idea to track your “bounce” rate for your application. If you have an APPLY NOW button, you can see how often it gets clicked. Compare that with the number of actual form completions you get, and you’ll see your abandon rate.

If you’re using a mobile-friendly DOT application that is as easy as possible for drivers to complete, then you’ll see a dramatic improvement to the rate of abandonment, and that will lead to many more leads and hires.

Do you know of any marketing companies that can help us reach more drivers with a better website?

There are many companies in this space who do a phenomenal job. We currently integrate with a few of those companies, including Brand Outcomes, SquirrelWorks, Element 212, and Bayard. The advantage of working with an integrated company is that all leads generated feed directly into DriverReach’s ATS.

Tips for qualifying the right driver?

While there are many ways to prioritize the order of qualifying a driver, I always took the approach of having a conversation with the driver ASAP to make sure there’s a fit before investing too much time and expense in the qualification process.  

I always began with the employment verifications first, to get that ball rolling since it tends to be the most time-consuming aspect of the process. Then I’d run a PSP and MVR back-to-back. We next ran a Criminal background check, but new “Ban the Box” laws have altered what part of the process this report is run (see DriverReach blog
“The Criminal History Question and a Conditional Job Offer, Parts 1 & 2”).

Our goal was to work as efficiently as possible in order to get drivers in for Orientation within 2-3 days whenever possible. In many cases, that was only possible when we were able to verify enough previous employment through databases that stored that information. Otherwise we were at the mercy of companies responding in a timely manner.

What if you need more funds available for marketing, but your executive team does not allow the room and your hiring ability suffers long-term? (losing customers, eTC.) 

One advantage of using an ATS like DriverReach is that you’re able to monitor exactly what advertising / marketing spend is working and what is not. That data allows you to make much better decisions regarding how your marketing budget is allocated, along with possible reductions in your overall spend.

In addition, as was mentioned in the webinar, one of the byproducts of using a system like DriverReach, with CRM functionality, is that you are able to continually build a database of CDL driver candidates. Re-marketing to this growing audience can also help reduce your advertising / marketing spend.

Companies can wait 30 days to respond to a request for employment verification, how can you speed that up?

We’re all in this together. We all need timely responses, so we should all provide timely responses. The best way to ensure timely responses is to report them directly into a previous employment history database (DAC, Driver iQ, VOE Plus).

The advantage of using VOE Plus is that you can remove the burden of constantly responding to requests. Just redirect all inquiries to VOE Plus and actually earn money each time records are purchased. For more information on VOE Plus, visit our website here

Do you offer consultative support to help with system and process training?

One of the advantages of using DriverReach’s recruiting management system is the level of quality support received from our Client Success team. Our goal is to ensure each customer’s success - from the onboarding process through the maximization of all the tools available to improve your speed-to-hire. You can learn more about our team here

Is using your service all or nothing? Or can a company select services?

DriverReach has several different monthly paid tiers that offer increasing levels of functionality. There’s even a freemium option for smaller fleets that still want access to modern recruiting technology but don’t need all the bells and whistles. For more information on DriverReach’s pricing plans, visit our pricing page.

We appreciate all the interest in this webinar. It's evident that the driver shortage environment is a challenge for everyone. 

Stay tuned for more upcoming webinars, as well as other important recruiting and retention related topics from DriverReach's blog.

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