When Should You Add Services to Aid Driver Recruiting Efforts?

Every CDL driver recruiting team is different in many ways. From large carrier teams to smaller family-run operations, every team will have different workflows and processes to get things done. One thing is the same, regardless of the size, shape, or scope of any recruiting operation – the goal is always to find and recruit as many qualified drivers as possible.

Sometimes, reaching this goal requires the help of outside resources. This is where bringing in third-party services can be a benefit. Acting as an extension of your recruiting team, a consultative partner, or even just a third-party software or technology resource, services can give your recruiting team a much-needed nudge in the right direction towards success.

Wondering if you should add services to your recruiting processes to help aid driver recruiting efforts? While there are many different ways services can help recruiting teams be more successful, here are just a few unique benefits services can add to your team:

  • Employment verifications: Employment verifications are the most tedious parts of the driver recruiting process and can involve repetitive manual work that your recruiting team can’t afford. Your recruiting team can offset these verifications with a third-party services provider and even eliminate the administrative burden of your compliance team having to continuously respond to inbound previous employment requests by simply redirecting those requests to a third-party who manages them for you. In both cases, time is saved and efficiencies gained for more critical aspects of your business.
  • Advertising optimization: Advertising costs can quickly pile up for recruiting teams, especially if it seems as though all you’re doing is spending more and more with less and less returns to show for it. Working with a dedicated services team to optimize and maximize your advertising output can ensure you’re generating the highest quality leads, tapping into industry-leading lead sources, optimizing social media recruitment strategies, etc. An advertising optimization strategist can also help turn your recruiting process into a more driver-focused one by re-thinking job ad placement and application workflows.
  • Driver recruiting optimization: Every position benefits from professional development, and recruiting is no different. Working with an expert recruiting consultant can give your team the boost they need to stay on top of the latest recruiting trends and connect with drivers in new, unique ways. Recruiting consultants can also optimize processes by helping establish relationship-building workflows, outlining what a ‘driver-first recruiting process’ looks like, and acting as an extension of your existing recruiting department. This option is helpful if you’re looking to ramp up recruiting efforts without adding headcount to your team.

Want to learn more and get started?

At DriverReach, we’ve built more than an industry-leading recruiting management platform. We also have a fully built services organization that can help recruiting teams of all shapes and sizes achieve their marketing and recruiting needs.

From pipeline assistance to recruiting strategy consultations to training, DriverReach has a service solution to fit your needs. You can learn more and get started here.


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